What Are The Different Types of Glass Art Available?

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Glass paintings

Glass art is a unique form of artistry which involves making large modern creations, who are one of a kind, wholly or substantially from glass; this is different from “art glass” and “studio glass” as those are normally smaller and not unique in nature. This art is most often exhibited in art glass galleries, art exhibitions, or museum events. Glass art for sale can often be bought at an art auction or online, which 71% of collectors have purchased a form of art online.
There are different types of categories for glass art, and hundreds of ways to create it. A few of the categories include:
Glass Sculpture
Glass sculptures are monumental or statuesque pieces that can be created in an unlimited design style. Many glass sculptures are created using one of the two major methods of glassblowing, which are free-blowing and mold blowing. Glass sculptures can be used to mimic a life-form, such as a horse, or made to create a completely avant-garde design. These forms of glass art are very unlimited in style and technique.
Glass Panels
Glass panels are normally used for interior designs in hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, and night clubs. They are usually very artistically decorated and are unique in nature to provide viewers with something great to look at. Stained glass, wheel carving, enameling, gilding, acid-etching, frosting, and engraving are techniques that are often used to create glass panels.
Knitted Glass
Knitted glass was developed by Carol Milne in 2006, and uses the techniques required for kiln-casting, mold-making, lost-wax casting, and knitting. This technique creates a chain-link or knitted look to the glass, adding even more dimension than what was already there.
Glass Fashion
Glass fashion, which is sometimes known as Haute Glass Couture, is refers to custom tailored clothing that has been make by sculpting glass. These design are normally made wholly of glass and are finished by distinguished glass artists. Techniques must be hand executed and are very time consuming because of the detail of these Haute Couture looks.
In order to make glass, raw materials must be heated to 2,400 degrees Farenheit; once the glass is created, the artistry can begin. Glass art can create some of the most beautiful works of art to date, whether it be a glass sculpture, a glass panel, knitted glass, or glass fashion.
Next time you see a sign that says, “Glass art for sale,” check it out and see if you can identify which type of glass art it is.

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