3 Unique Date Ideas to Try This Year

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Private dance lesson

Are you looking to spice up date night with your honey? Does the same old routine have you wishing you could try something new? Rather than subjecting yourself to the monotony of that chain restaurant you?ve come to know and loathe, dip your toes in unchartered waters with one of these unique date ideas:

  1. Private dance lessons: There?s nothing quite like getting up close and personal with your significant other while learning some new dance moves. Unless you?re both already professionals (which is doubtful), there?s like to be some mistakes and laughs along the way. Learning something with your partner helps you understand the way their mind works on a deeper level. You can find out what kind of learner they are, how well they take criticism, and how they handle teamwork. Taking ballroom dancing lessons at a dance studio is a great way to find out things about your significant other that you may have otherwise missed out on. Dancing also strengthens bones and muscles while improving posture and balance and reducing stress.
  2. Blast from the Past: Remind yourself of the good ol? days with a trip to the arcade or your favorite movie theatre growing up. Maybe take her to that outdated roller rink you can?t help but chuckle at each time you pass it. It?s important for couples to remember that it?s okay to get silly around each other. In fact, it can be loads of fun and will help you learn things about each other that you?ve never experienced.
  3. Go Old-Fashioned: The Digital Age is wrought with social media, technology and a lack of privacy. Bring the personal touch back into date night by banning the use of any electronic devices. This mean no TV, no phone, no computer. By focusing on nothing but each other, you can find that connection with your partner that you may have feared lost. Play cards, a board game, talk for hours or just stare into each other?s eyes. As long as it doesn?t require electronics, it?s fair game.

Would you consider taking ballroom dance lessons or any other type of private dance lessons for your next date night? Sound off in the comments below!

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