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This YouTube video by Wolfeei talks about the most recent trends in the game ” Minecraft.”

What is it?
“Minecraft” is an online game released in 2011 by Mojang Studios. There is no goal to reach. Instead, you reach achievements that, in turn, provide trophies.

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These are in the form of accessories, weapons, etc.

What’s unique about “Minecraft” is its concept, which is called a sandbox video game. Players are given wide creativity to design their own adventures. They can use existing modules from the official site, design them on their own, or trade them with other players.

How Does the Game Look?
Although the graphics are based on three dimensions, the look of “Minecraft” hearkens back to the earlier days of gaming. Characters, scenery, and accessories are comprised of a series of blocks. As players move ahead in the game, its blocky reality is created automatically instead of relying on mouse clicks.

Due to its goal of creativity, “Minecraft” is an extremely popular game. Millions login for one-player games or massive-multiplayer online (MMO) sessions.

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