The Restaurant Scene in South Florida

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American cuisine is widely varied as the people of that nation, and Florida is no exception. On this tropical peninsula, all sorts of cultures and thus cuisines blend to make for a varied and festive restaurant scene. Caribbean and Latin American food are common here, along with other American cuisine such as chicken wings. Chicken may prove pretty popular down there in Florida, and some customers might even want to get chicken delivered or have fine Mexican food catered for an event. Meanwhile, restaurants all over Florida offer a dazzling variety of dishes, such as in the thriving Miami scene. Restaurants there may offer authentic cuisine from across Latin America such as Cuba and Mexico, and beyond. What might someone expect from restaurants in this state today?

A Chicken Kitchen

This fowl proves plenty popular among Florida natives and across the nation. This state had, as of 2016, about 995,600 different restaurant and fast food servicing jobs, representing 14% of all of Florida’s employment. That’s a lot, and restaurants there have plenty to offer. This goes beyond a simple and convenient fast food place; higher end restaurants, caterers, and everything in between can be found in Florida’s restaurant scene, and Latin restaurants may prove popular for everyone. Latin restaurants make plenty of use of chicken meat, and chickens are prominent in a lot of Latin cuisine going back man decades, if not centuries.

Do Americans love chicken? They certainly do. As of 2015, Americans consumed about 90.1 pounds of chicken per capita, roughly the weight of an elementary school student. In fact, this fowl is the number one source of protein among Americans, and the American people eat more chicken than anyone else in the world. Many family farms are raising all these chickens, with about 25,000 family farmers providing this work. Together, they make up nearly 95% of all chickens use for broiler chicken, and commercial farms produce only about 5% of the chicken used for that. What does this mean for the average consumer in Florida?

Get Some Lunch

Someone who wants some fine eats down in Florida has all kinds of options. One is to find great Latin restaurants, whether mid-grade or upper end restaurants. Many of these dining establishments may be found across the state, especially in busy areas like Miami. A native may know where to find authentic Latin restaurants, while a guest may search online, such as “Cuban restaurants nearby” or “authentic Mexican food near me” and see what comes up. These restaurants might offer not just fine dining, but also an authentic and friendly atmosphere for residents and guests alike.

Another way to enjoy chicken or Latin food is to have it catered. Catering does not involve going to a restaurant; rather, catering companies will prepare a lot of food for their clients, then deliver it. It’s a large-scale delivery service, and customers can prepare their own meals as they like once the catered food arrives. Where might this catering be done? Gatherings such as charity runs or obstacle courses or other fund raisers are a fine place for catering, along with corporate getaways for a large business. Large birthday parties and weddings are also a popular time for catering, and catering comes in quite a variety. Down in Florida, a semi-casual wedding might have a authentic Latin food served for all the guests, and one major aspect of preparing a wedding is the catering. Even smaller weddings of just 40-50 people need catering, since that’s too much cooking for someone to do alone. Good caterers can be found online or through recommendations, and good caterers will deliver the food, along with drinks and accessories like plastic silverware and napkins, wherever the customers are.

Someone down in Florida might want a taste of local chicken recipes, and chicken wings might not be far away. An interested customer may get references for great chicken places nearby, and a simple search like “chicken Miami Beach” can be a broad starting point. Or someone may look up more specific flavors or styles of chicken, and a place like Miami or the south beach may have an impressive variety to choose from. South beach food may be a total Latin delight for any tourist.

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