Fun and Activities on a Farm During Autumn

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Farms such as orchards and apple farms are popular tourist destinations, and many American families may have a treat time in autumn visiting a local, friendly farm that welcomes guests. Autumn activities on an apple farm or bigger farm may include a carnival, pumpkin patch picking, apple picking, and more. In fact, these farms are a popular destination site for weddings too, and more and more American brides and grooms are trading ballroom weddings for a rustic outdoor one instead. An apple farm may be a good site for this, providing pleasant ambiance and coming ready-made with authentic decorations. What is more, while kids have fun picking apples and pumpkins at an apple farm, their parents may carve those pumpkins into Jack O Lanterns during October or use those fresh ingredients to bake apple pies and pumpkin pies, among other desserts. An apple farm has something for everyone.

These are popular fruits around the world, and they are consumed year-round in all sorts of recipes. They are also popular to eat on their own, offering mildly crunchy and sweet flesh. Today, some 7,500 different varieties of apples are found around the world, with the United States alone being home to about 2,500 of those varieties. Not only are these fruits fine to eat on their own, but they can be made into a dazzling variety of popular desserts and snacks, with applesauce being just the start. Apples can also have their juice squeezed out to make apple cider, and these fruits can also be made into apple fritters as well. And of course, apple pie is hugely popular in the United States and Canada today. Crisco and the American Pie Council launched a survey asking Americans what sort of dessert they would most want their friends or relatives to bring to a holiday house dinner, and pie was the clear winner, at 29%. What is more, the survey asked what flavors of pie those Americans like most, and apple was the clear winner at 47%. Pumpkin pie came in second at 37%, and chocolate cream was third with 32% (respondents could choose more than one flavor).


These large, distinctive vegetables aren’t as widely varied as apples are, but they too are a fine choice for autumn holiday desserts and snacks. These vegetables, once picked, can be made into pumpkin pie, which has established itself as a staple of American Thanksgiving and related holidays during that time of year. Besides that, pumpkin seeds can be extracted, then salted and baked into low-calorie snacks. And pumpkins don’t even have to be eaten; they can also be carved (carefully) into jack-o-lanterns, and this is a popular Halloween tradition. Pumpkins can be kept whole and used as general decorations, and they won’t suffer the rapid mold growth that jack o lanterns tend to get. Pumpkins can be gathered with gourds and other produce to make for attractive decor anywhere, whether in baskets or on a fireplace mantle, for example.

What a Farm Can Offer

A farm may open its property for a fall festival or harvest, and families may visit for a day of fun. Kids can have a great time picking their own pumpkins to take home with them, and if supervised for safety, they may also climb ladders and harvest apples from trees in the orchard. And this isn’t all; as mentioned above, these farms may serve as a ready-made rustic wedding destination. If a farm’s owners permit it, a bride and groom may use the farm for their destination wedding. A cleaned-out barn may be a fine place for the ceremony and/or the reception dance and meal, and the farm house might be borrowed as well. Thematic decorations and guest gifts may be used, such as wicker baskets of fruits and vegetables as table settings and gifts. Not only are these attractive, but the produce may later be eaten as well. A wedding party interested in a fall wedding like this may contract the farms’ owners and ask them about their hours of operation and whether they can set up accommodations and whether anyone has reserved the farm for a related reason.

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