The Benefits of Hiring an Art Consultant

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Art has long since had a prominent role in human society, as it can express the self, society, an idea, or even religion. Art takes nearly an infinite variety of forms for just as many reasons, but there is some hard science about art, too. An art consultant is a proper job in today’s world, and art in the workplace, art for restaurants, and more can have a real mental impact on those who view it. Art is not just to look nice; studies have been done to see what mental effect art can have on viewers, and the results show that art can do a lot of work. So then, what exactly do art consultants do? A client business such as an office building or restaurant, for example, may reach out to art consulting firms in their area and borrow their expertise. Some people may be skeptical of this, and think “what exactly do art consultants do? Just put up paintings?” But there is more to it than that. Business leaders today do not outsource labor without good reason, and as for “what exactly do art consultants do?”, there are plenty of answers to that.

What Exactly Do Art Consultants Do

An art consultant is exactly that: a professional who can be consulted for their expertise in the placement and selection of art pieces. This can take a number of forms, but commonly in today’s world, “what exactly do art consultants do?” boils down to hanging attractive paintings and framed photographs in public spaces. Strictly speaking, anyone can find a framed photo or painting and put it up on a wall, but art’s psychological effects are often nuanced and more profound than some people may realize. For this reason, interested clients can reach out to local art consultant firms and hire an art consultant. A business leader can look locally, such as “art consultant firms in Miami FL” or “hire an art consultant Los Angeles CA” to get started. Some common areas that are ideal for art may include office spaces, restaurants, and doctor’s office. And what is more, existing art in these places, and in proper art museums, have demonstrated art’s effect on the human mind. What do some of the studies about art show?

Art and the Human Brain

Art is more than a pretty picture. Various mental health clinics and related fields have studied art’s effect on the mind, and the effects can be physical as well as mental. Lower blood pressure or slowing rapid breathing may occur, as well as physically relaxing. For example, in a recent survey, many respondents said that art makes their workplace a better environment in which to work. A generous 94% of respondents said that art in their workplace makes it a more welcoming environment, and 61% said that such art can stimulate creativity. If workers in an office space need to often use their creative thinking and problem solving skills, attractive art and framed photos can keep them in a constructive and flexible mindset.

This trend of mentally-enriching art in the workplace extends to related concepts of visual design. Exeter University‚Äôs School of Psychology conducted recent research and found that when employees have control over the design and layout of their workspace, they are more productive and happy. An office’s layout is not art in the traditional sense, but it is also an element of appealing visual design that can relax the mind and encourage creativity, like art. A similar study found that employees who work in a space enriched with potted plants or art feel 17% more productive than those in a lean, more Spartan space. Overall, it has been determined that art in the workplace can reduce stress, and 78% of survey respondents agree with this statement. Another 64% agree that workplace art boosts creativity, and 77% agree that workplace art encourages the expression of opinion. For these mental benefits and more, an office manager may consult local art experts from a firm to add some visual flair to the office. This can range from photographs of nature to motivational posters to copies of famous art pieces. Some famed artists are known for creating relaxing pieces.

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