Life is About More than Just Working for the Weekend

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While everyone has their own version of the American dream, many people seem to have something in common: the lack of vacation time and a high level of stress. It is unclear how it came to be that the ideal, that grand “American dream,” is only attainable through the price of stress, increasingly long and wearisome work hours, and sometimes misery.

Finding fun for the family
What is clear is that there is not enough enjoyment happening, particularly with family members and friends. So to remedy this, why not take a vacation? And if that vacation happened to be a place where all sorts of adventures and fun for the family could happen in one location, wouldn’t that be all the better? Consider a family adventure park that includes just about every type of activity and attraction you could want to keep every member of your family happy, entertained, and actually having fun with one another. Sure, sticking to your routine of maybe having part of a weekend together try to plan and do something, during which you may or may not have the energy to participate could be fun for the family, but likely nowhere near as much fun as rock climbing or zip lining!

Family fun that everyone will be excited about
Sometimes the trick to the perfect family vacation is escaping the daily grind. In fact about 75% of those who had paid time off to use did not take a vacation at all in 2013, and for those who did manage to get away didn’t quite completely get away, as they were often checking for messages from work. This led to one survey finding that one in 10 travelers claiming that they could not relax on vacation. And while 37% of the families who were polled in another study stated that vacations made them feel happy, that still leaves the majority on the other end of the spectrum. This could be due to another possible culprit of unhappy vacations: finding something everyone will enjoy. But by choosing a destination with a wide variety of family activities, there is a better chance of everyone from toddler to teenager to mom and dad finding something entertaining to do.

Planning the perfect getaway
Perhaps the key to getting the most out of any vacation is in the planning. Finding out what everyone would be interested in doing can help shape ideas for where to go, what family attractions might have the best chance of entertaining the most family members, or maybe even discovering new shared interests. For example, your teenager might be thrilled to try out a massive indoor parkour course, which is possibly something you would never have thought of trying otherwise. And maybe you or your young one might realize in the middle of a ropes course that heights don’t actually have to be that scary.

The possibilities for family fun and bonding time are endless. All you have to do is to take that first step and use your vacation time! Your job will survive without you, your family will thank you, and you will finally get a breather from all that stress. Enjoy the real American dream and have some quality time with your family.

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