Visiting Montreal? The Top Dance Clubs in Montreal in 2016

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Did you know that the average nightclub customer spends about $55 in a night? That’s a lot of money for most people, but are they getting their money’s worth? If you’re looking for some of the top nightclub locations in Montreal that won’t waste your time or money, then we have a few suggestions to keep in mind.

Know Where to Go Beforehand
Remember: the best clubs don’t open until late at night, so it’s something you’ll want to plan ahead of time. Visit your favorite bar to pregame or get ready, then go to the club. You may want to aim for getting there before the doors open so that you don’t have to wait in line while the party is already getting started. Hydrate beforehand, as even bottles of water can sometimes be as much as $5 in a club. If you want to limit how much you spend, bring a certain amount of cash with you and keep your credit wrapped for emergencies — not just to get that third $25 cocktail. If there’s a dress code, make sure you follow it so that your night doesn’t end before it begins.

New City Gas Montreal
Looking for a place with an interesting vibe? New City Gas Montreal comes highly recommended. The club is housed in an 1859 industrial space, and it’s a highly popular club for fans of electronic music. The DJs are often big names, which helps to bring in a diverse crowd. One Google reviewer even called it the “only real club in Montreal.” New City Gas tickets can be purchased online.

Stereo Nightclub Montreal
Stereo has been alive and kicking in the heart of Montreal since 1998, and their focus is on underground dance music, as opposed to generic top 40 hits. Their website describes creating an energy so thick “you can almost cut through it with a knife.” Recent shows include Ben Klock, Chus & Ceballos, and Dubspeeka. They are renowned for an impressive sound system and one reviewer recommended that it was the “best club in North America, only surpassed by clubs in Berlin,” which is high praise indeed.
Would you visit either of these clubs if you were visiting Montreal? Maybe both? Let us know how your experience goes! More can be found here. Good references here.

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