A Photographer’s Guide To Viral Photo Marketing

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All over the country, bosses are giving their youngest employees an impossible task. Make us go viral. So we want to preface this guide to viral photo marketing by saying this: you can’t make something go viral. You just can’t. Unless your cousin is Kim Kardashian or you have an extra 500,000k Instagram followers lying around, you just can’t. Going viral is like a lightning strike; it’s a force of nature.
That being said, there are certain ways that photographers can increase the chances of one of their photographs going viral. Like so much of photography, this involves a combination of skill, patience, and luck. So let’s look at some real life examples to see how this works in practice.
How To Make a Wedding Photograph Go Viral
Remember the viral photo of the North Carolina couple praying before their wedding? The striking image of a young marine and his beautiful bride holding hands and praying inspired people all over the country, and one year later we’re still talking about it. The photographer who captured the striking pose, Dwayne Schmidt, says he’s turned town 16 weddings this year thanks to his new found viral fame.
The McGhee Sextuplets: How To Make Baby Photos Go Viral
Want to make your baby portrait go viral? Easy, just give birth to sextuplets. Okay, not so easy after all. In 2010, the Ohio McGhee family posed for an absolutely adorable viral photo, in which the six slumbering babes were posed on their daddy’s back. Six years later, and the McGhees are about to star in their own reality show.
The Walking Dead Photoshoot
In New Jersey, one photographer mom recently went viral for a Walking Dead inspired photoshoot. The reason the photos went viral? People were shocked to see little children recreating violent scenes from the popular TV show (the violent effects were added in later with professional Photoshop services). The photos got some national coverage, but you can bet the photographer is now famous in Middlesex County.
A Photographers Guide To Going Viral
Once again, let’s be clear, there’s no way to make something go viral. You have to be in the right place at the right time. The wedding photographer who captured the now-famous prayer photo had no way of knowing what would happen, but he used his skill as a photographer to capture the moment. Then there’s the “Walking Dead” photos, which were arranged. This was a clever combination of controversy and pop culture weirdness, not to mention some effective professional Photoshop services.
The key to going viral is acting quickly when you happen to capture a really unique photograph that inspires powerful emotions, be it anger, inspiration, beauty, or just the urge to say, “Awwwww!”
You’ll also notice that all these cases involved the use of social media marketing to their advantage. That’s the best way to spread a photo to a larger audience. Of course, no photo will go viral if it doesn’t look fantastic. If you don’t have the time or the skills to perform high-tech photo editing services like panorama stitching, then it’s important to find professional Photoshop services to help you edit the photo.
Fortunately, there are a number of affordable photo editing services for photographers available online. Once the photo is ready to go, simply create a Facebook post, publish, and cross your fingers. Read more blogs like this. Continue reading here.

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