Is Your Company Entertainment Appropriate?

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For many companies, hosting a corporate event is a great way to connect with clients, vendors, and employees and celebrate the business’ success. There are many different types of corporate events, and each should be organized differently. While there are many similarities shared by these events, no plan will cover all contingencies and differences. Trade show entertainment will be different from holiday party entertainment, and so on. Here are some ideas for corporate events and planning tips.

One of the easiest corporate events to organize is a holiday party. Holiday parties are generally well-received by everyone in the company. A good holiday party should have a warm atmosphere, comfort foods, and activities like white elephant gift exchanges. A DJ will provide acceptable entertainment, as guests will be more concerned with activities and food.

Corporate entertainment for shareholder meetings and team building events will need to be tailored to a larger crowd. Hiring a corporate mentalist, magician, or comedian will keep the audience focused and entertained in between informational sessions. Magicians and corporate mentalists are able to read minds and predict behaviors, while comedians and hypnotists provide laughs. During the conferences, food should be kept to hors d’oeuvres and minimal snacks, to keep the focus on the information and entertainment, though providing a lunch break is acceptable.

Of course, some corporate events should be business-only, with very little official entertainment. Board meetings, product launches, and press conferences require an air of professionalism, so it is up to the speaker to inject entertaining anecdotes and ideas into the conversation. Ice water is an appropriate refreshment for press releases, and coffee is welcomed at board meetings and product launches.

Whether you are new to hiring entertainment for corporate events or simply looking for some fresh ideas, it is important to consider the audience and general mood of the event. No matter what entertainment you choose, if you are in tune with the audience’s needs, you are sure to have a successful event.

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