When it Comes to Interviews, First Impressions Are Everything

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Finding a new job can be stressful. A lot of time and commitment goes into crafting the perfect cover letter and even then, hearing back from potential employers can be difficult.
But what happens when you do get that magic phone call or email and they ask you for an interview? Unfortunately, the work does not end there. Rather, the interview is perhaps the most important aspect of the job hunting process.
So how do you ace the interview? Of course, it’s important to do your homework beforehand. Go over potential questions and be confident in your answers. Make sure you communicate your passion to your potential employers and display as much knowledge on the field and position as possible.
But it doesn’t stop there. According to psychologists and job recruiters alike, first impressions are perhaps the most vital aspect of any interview process. In fact, the first 90 seconds of any interview will determine whether or not a potential employee lands the position.
First impressions are made of three essential components: your body language, your speech, and how you look. While we were taught from a young age that beauty comes from within, in the case of interviews, this is definitely not true. Perhaps it comes from man and woman’s intrinsic desire to seek out people they deem trustworthy and safe. Our earliest ancestors had no choice but to judge others on their appearance to keep themselves safe and out of danger.
The best way to make a good first impression is by assuming confident body language, carrying yourself with confidence, and by dressing well. Fortunately, the latter is both easy and fun. For women and men alike, dressing for an interview is all about basics. It is important to dress conservatively in neutral tones. To add an extra flair, however, add accessories such as jewelry, leather belts, and western fashion jewelry. This advice is not just for the ladies! Despite what our hyper masculine, heteronormative culture tells us, mens jewelry and accessories are both stylish and markers of success.
So ladies and gents, once you land that interview, don’t forget to believe in yourself, know what you’re saying, and make a stellar first impression.

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