What Makes a Great Company Party



Corporate magician

Occasionally, large companies host events for employees, clients, and their families. These may be used to celebrate an award, announce the release of a new product, or simply to network with others in the industry. Many companies hire comedians or celebrities to emcee for corporate meetings and events, in addition to other corporate event entertainers. Of course, the type of entertainment will vary based on the event being held. Want to host an event, but aren’t sure where to start? Check out this comprehensive list of corporate party ideas.

  • Product launch parties and trade shows tend to be the first things that come to mind when someone asks for ideas for corporate events. These are great opportunities to celebrate innovation, network with potential clients and other industry professionals, and learn what other companies are presenting as well.
  • Staff and client appreciation parties are always well-received. With a delicious dinner and some fun awards, appreciation parties are a great boost to morale. Some staff appreciation parties include team-building activities or games. The right emcee for corporate meetings and parties can help break the ice and encourage guests to relax and have fun, and fun music can get people moving and mingling.
  • Holiday parties are a great way for employees to have a good time with their families and friends. Whether it is a costume party for Halloween, a team-spirit shindig for the SuperBowl, or an ugly sweater party for the winter holidays, a holiday party is a great way to spread cheer and show appreciation for employees. Costume contests and raffles are very popular at these types of parties
  • Charity events may not count as corporate parties, but they are a great way for a employees and bosses to rally together for a common cause. Charity events can involve physical labor, such as helping build homes for the homeless, or may be more fundraising-oriented, such as hosting a silent auction. Entertainment for charity functions can change based on the mood of the event. No one will want to hire a magician for a domestic violence awareness event, and slow music can kill the mood at a fundraising 5k.

Corporate events take on a lot of different forms, and the entertainment changes with them. Finding the right entertainment and emcee for corporate meetings, parties, and trade shows can go a long way toward ensuring the success of the corporate event.

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