A Look At The Growth Of Boudoir Photography As We Know It Today

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Self esteem for the American woman can be a difficult thing to come by. In fact, the vast majority of women in the United States have struggled at one point or another with body image issues, with nearly seventy percent of all women with access to images of models such as the ones found in magazines and fashion shows stating that the bodies of these models have helped to form their mental image of the ideal perfect body. Unfortunately, this sets many women up to try to achieve an unobtainable goal, as the average woman in the United States stands only at around five feet and four inches and weighs, on average, around one hundred and sixty five pounds. Though height and weight will vary for women all across the country, it is estimated that only five percent of all women in the United States are actually able to achieve that ideal “model” body. The rest of women are simply just not set up that way or shaped that way.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, but is has been for years feeding into the idea of never being able to achieve the perfect look while constantly striving to. It has left more than ninety percent of adult women unhappy with how they look and around half of all women turning towards unhealthy methods of losing weight. In some cases, these unhealthy weight loss strategies will even spiral into life long and often very serious eating disorders, which are prevalent among girls and women alike in the United States. With nearly sixty percent of all female college students told to lose weight at some point in their lives and more and more even younger students negatively influenced by social media platforms such as Instagram and the drive to look and become “sexy,” American women are struggling to find a much needed well of self confidence and self esteem.

For many such women, boudior photography chicago is one way in which to do this. Boudior photography chicago is something that many people have not considered, but boudior photography chicago is not a new thing. In fact, such sensual and sexual photography dates back centuries, with women as long as one hundred and fifty years in the past posing for such alluring and provocative paintings. The world of boudior photography chicago can be stemmed back from the rising popularity of pin up culture that was seen mid century, with pin ups first emerging in the 1940s and advancing and changing into what we view pin ups as today in the subsequent two decades, the 50s and the 60s. Boudior photography chicago can be whatever you want it to be as well, from a sexy birthday photoshoot to boudoir pregnancy photography (which can be a great way to embrace the sometimes difficult process of a rapidly and drastically changing body). Topless boudoir photo shoots are also hugely common, as are simple boudoir photos, ideal for the woman inexperienced and new at taking such sexy and sensual pictures.

No matter what type of boudoir photos you end up actually taking, boudior photography chicago can be a great way to learn how to feel comfortable in your own skin. Signing up for something such as boudior photography chicago can be difficult, as it requires a great deal of bravery from a woman who is uncomfortable in her own skin, but many women who go through the process end up feeling better than they ever have before about the skin that they are in and how they look in it.

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