Picture Framing Capture the Moment



If you have ever enjoyed strolling through an art museum, you probably have loved viewing custom art framing as well as sculpture, tapestries, jewelry and decorative arts. But unlike the other types of art on display, custom framing of pieces of art is actually composed of two types of artistic talents: of course, there is the painting being displayed and then there is the framing of the piece.

Custom picture framing, art framing or photography framing requires two distinctly different types of creative talents, sort of right-brain/left-brain, as it were. First, there must be an appreciation for the aesthetic of the piece.

This is an intuitive, artistic aspect of one’s personality. And the other area is that of measurement and science, calculating proportions and trimming pieces to fit in exact precision.

Many people find picture framing a very relaxing and rewarding hobby. In recent years, the home decor market, including picture framing, has mushroomed into a very lucrative sales zone and retail area. It is an area that is anticipated, by 2020, to make $644 billion. And in fact, a recent survey polled those who had just had their artwork custom framed, and it showed that 15% of the works were original photographs and 18% were original artwork.

Additionally, this type of resurgence and interest in framing and displaying artwork has resulted in a rise in openings of new art galleries in which this type of work is featured and encouraged.

Many areas of the U.S. are involved in this flourishing art scene, but there is one particular area that is an excellent example–that is known as, “the art gallery portland oregon scene”. In this milieu, you will find a thriving, dynamic population, very supportive of home decor and picture framing, hence “the art gallery portland oregon” moniker.

So, when you are ready to get going on your custom picture framing or photography framing hobby, remember the joys of ‘picture framing portland’ art gallery lovers! This fantastic “art gallery portland oregon scene” is an area of great imagination. Almost anything can be framed, and customized to tell the story that you want to tell, a story that is uniquely and individually yours. It’s up to you to capture the moment. And remember, ‘a picture is worth 1,000 words’!

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