A Look At The Catering And Food Industry In The United States

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For many events, hiring a catering company for an event helps to streamline the process of finding food to feed all who will attends. Some catering companies only cater, but many latin restaurants and other such restaurants offering catering services as well. In Florida, catering locations are even more abundant, from South Beach restaurants to authentic Latin American cuisine no matter where you go in the state (and in many other places in the country). Catering services are helpful and often delicious, and can truly bring a whole event together.

The restaurant and catering industry in the United States is booming, achieving high levels of success different types of restaurants all throughout the country. This can be seen in the fact that in 2014 the total profits of the food industry totaled more than six hundred and eighty billion dollars in that year alone. And the restaurant, catering, and food industry as a whole is anticipated to keep growing in the years to come. By the year of 2026, less than ten years from now, a total of nearly two hundred thousand food industry based jobs will be created in the state of Florida alone.

And Florida, aside from the rest of the United States, which has also seen tremendous success in the food world, has become well known in its own right when it comes to food service, restaurants, and catering services. Within the boundaries of the state, there are currently more than nine hundred and ninety five thousand jobs related to food establishments, working in a total of nearly as many as forty thousand restaurants. These restaurants range from serving Latin cuisine to Italian, depending on the location that they are established in, as well as the surrounding community.

Caterers, whether they work for a restaurant or an individual catering company, often serve large events such as corporate meetings and weddings. In the United States alone, there are more than forty thousand weddings every single weekend that take place at all hours of the day. No matter what time of day a wedding is held, it is more likely than not that catering services will be part of the requirement of wedding planning.

There are a number of cuisines that caterers are likely to be able to provide. Traditional American, southern, and barbecue style foods are one of them. Chicken, in particular, is a popular offering among caterers in the United States. There are nearly seven hundred million pounds of chicken sold every year in the United States alone – particularly in the weeks leading up the fourth of July. Chicken is in part so popular because it is such a versatile food item. Chicken can be used in all cuisines from many different and varying cultures throughout the United States. Chicken can be used as part of an appetizer as well as the key component of a main dish.

From catering services to restaurants in the United States, Florida can hold its own in the restaurant world. Florida has many restaurants providing various cuisines and food experiences, as well as places that specialize in drinks. It is more than likely that we will see a considerable increase in the number of restaurants that open and thrive within the state of Florida in the years to come, and these new restaurants and drink places and establishments will create a large number of new jobs and even career paths for many of the people that live there, in the state.

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