Why You Should Consider Electric Powered Skateboards as a Commuting Option

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Skateboarding is a sport and hobby that’s fully ingrained in American culture — our country makes up over 50% of the skateboarding market. There are around 500 skateboarding parks in the United States today. It’s a sport that’s predominately made up of males, with over 77% of skaters male and just under 24% of skaters being female. But over 10 million people said that they enjoyed regularly skateboarding. However, skateboards, just like every other item have been subject to change as technology improves. Electric powered skateboards aren’t exactly a new thing, but they’ve been refined and made more reliable over the years. Today, some people actually prefer these motorized skateboards as opposed to push skateboards. Let’s explore some of the differences between them and the advantages of electric powered skateboards.

What are Electric Powered Skateboards?
An electric skateboard is your basic skateboard, but is powered by an electric motor, instead of with your body. You can control and adjust the speed by using a throttle or controls that rely on weight sensors. You can change direction by moving to different sides of the board.

Longboards are often used because manufacturers can fit more battery cells into a longboard, as opposed to a skateboard. However, many electric powered skateboards can now be powered as easily as your cell phone or tablet, making them even more convenient to get around on., and so you may see more just plain electric powered skateboards, instead of longboards.

Unsurprisingly, these skateboards are mostly designed to be used on flat surfaces, like roads or sidewalks. Off-roading with these isn’t advised and often won’t work, though there are some models being designed for that purpose.

What are the Advantages of Using Electric Powered Skateboards?

Though a “core skater” (someone who skates over 25 times a year) might not be so keen on electric powered skateboards, it’s a great way for a casual skater (someone who skates less than 25 times a year) to get around, as well as someone who may not even have considered an electric powered skateboard as an option for getting around.

Tackling hills is much easier with the help of a motor and they’re easy to transport on a bus or other type of public transportation. It’s a fun way to get around that looks cool, but doesn’t require as much effort as pushing. For example, if you didn’t want to take public transit or drive to work,
but are worried about where to store a bike, a skateboard might be your answer. They’re easier to stow in an office than a bike (so you can keep an eye on it) and you can exert less effort to boot, while still going green!

Many new models also come with Bluetooth connectivity, braking systems, and extensive ranges. They’re also getting lighter, so you don’t have to worry about the weight of lugging them around. Furthermore, some can get up to incredible speeds, so if you’re a thrill seeker, this is the way to go.

How Do I Get Started With an Electric Powered Skateboard?

If you’ve skateboarded before, the principle is more or less the same, so you won’t have too much trouble adjusting. However, if you’ve never been on a skateboard before, there are some things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Watch some videos or other tutorials on how to get the basics down (getting off and on, stopping, etc.,) and get comfortable with that first before getting into the electric aspect. For those who have skateboarded before, you’ll want to pay attention to starting and stopping, which are the main differences. You don’t have to take your feet off the board for any reason and most skateboards have a braking mechanism, which is different. The speed will also be faster than what you’ve experienced, so take some time in a clear, open space to get used to it.

This type of skateboard can be a fun, environmentally-friendly, and unique way to get around. Make sure you’re wearing the appropriate safety gear and know how to ride before getting on the roads and you’re in for a real treat!

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