Looking for a New Skateboard? Go Electric!

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Electric skate board

Do you enjoy skateboarding? Whether you do so on occasion or weather-willing, whenever you can, you’re among a large group of people within the United States that engage in this sport. A recent survey actually shows that 11 million people enjoy riding their skateboards regularly.

Are you a core or a casual skater? If you consider yourself to be a core skater, then it’s likely you skate 26 times or more throughout the year. Casual skaters, on the other hand, usually skate between one and 25 times a year. While you may not skate as often as you want due to your neighborhood’s terrain, there’s a good chance you live somewhat in the vicinity of a skate park. Currently, there are about 500 skateboarding parks throughout the United States, and some of these have totally awesome configurations.

As you’re probably aware, most serious skateboarders prefer to buy speciality, rather than common, brands. This seems to be the case with 77% of skateboarders that won’t purchase the proverbial top brand names. Given this, it’s not surprising that just 3.1% of skateboard sales are from sporting goods stores.

Are you in the mood for some fun and an eco-friendly way to travel around town? Then you may want to check out a few of the new electric skate boards. Since these boards are rechargeable, they’re an environmentally-friendly means of travel as well as a considerable amount of fun to ride. Furthermore, if you’re also looking for a new outdoor activity to get some fresh air and sunshine, an electric skate board is just the thing.

Another cool thing is that all terrain electric skateboards are also available. This means you don’t need to stay on city streets, but can take them off-road as well. There’s nothing to compare with the feeling of exhilaration when you venture away from crowded sidewalks. Just imagine being able to power-up your board, rather than your car, to get that morning coffee before you head off to work or school. You’ll also save a few bucks on gas, which is a major plus.

When you prefer a more spacious board, it’s good to know that longboards are also available. There’s plenty of room on these boards to accommodate a wider stance along with your favorite pair of winter boots. If you have a dog that’s ready for a run, there’s a good chance they’ll give your electric skate board a nudge when it’s time for both of you to go outside.

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