What to Know About Festive Balloons Today

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Balloons are an easy and fun way to decorate an event or a room, and many events may have balloons involved, whether latex balloons or foil balloons. The concept of balloons is in fact pretty old, and modern balloons are made with environmental sustainability in mind. A person may buy some air filled balloons for convenience, but if they can get a helium pump, they can fill up foil balloons and watch them float. Most often, wholesale latex balloons may be bought already filled with helium, and the same is true of foil models. A party supply store’s manager may get wholesale latex balloons to stock up their store, and tens of thousands of wholesale latex balloons might be ordered at once. What is there to know about wholesale latex balloons and customers who buy them?

Latex Balloons

The idea of balloons dates all the way back to 1824, when professor Michael Faraday invented them by fusing together the edges of two rubber sheets and filling them with air. Balloons have been used ever since, though today’s balloon are more often made of latex than rubber. Harvesting rubber is more stressful on forests than latex, but latex can be harvested from trees without killing those trees. Just one latex-producing tree can provide materials for 40 years without getting cut down or dying, so latex balloons are very good for the environment.

Latex balloons are often “typical” balloons, being simple bulbs that can be inflated into a teardrop or pear shape when filled with air or helium. These are cheap, too, and a person ca buy a whole packet of them for a low cost in many cases. If filled with air, latex balloons will not float, but they can last a long time, and it’s easy to fill them this way. In fact, a person can use their own breath to do this. Meanwhile, some latex balloons are filled with helium, and they may be bought this way one at a time at a carnival or similar event. It may be noted that a party store that provides balloons might not actually have a helium pump on hand. A balloon filled with helium may last about 12-20 hours or so, and an air-filled one may last week or two.

Foil Balloons

Some customers might like the idea of foil balloons, and these are made when two thin foil sheets are cut into the desired shape and their edges are fused together. The advantages of foil balloons are that they can be cut into shapes (such as numbers) that are impossible for latex balloons, and foil balloons can have images on them. The foil sheets, once cut out, may have graphics printed on them, such as colors or patterns or even a specific message or picture. Often, they may have messages such as “happy birthday!” or “get well soon!” on them. Often, foil balloons can be bought at grocery stores already fully inflated, and they will be tethered with a ribbon that is bound to a weight. Foil balloons might last a few days until they deflate and go limp.

Where to Use Them

When is a great time to inflate some balloons? A child’s birthday party is a fine time for balloons, and they can be helium-filled and held outside with strings. Indoors, an adult might fill up many balloons with air and tape them to a table, chairs, or even the walls as decoration. They can also scatter air-filled balloons on the floor to make a ball pit. Meanwhile, hundreds or even thousands of balloons filled with air may be used at a high school prom. Crews will build a cage on the dance floor’s ceiling, at some point, the cage’s door opens up and the balloons scatter.

Balloons are also a fine idea for a girl’s Sweet 16 birthday party, not to mention a bridal shower or baby shower party. Balloons can be used along with streamers or any other decoration for those events. And of course, balloons are also a fine gift for a hospital patient, such as foil ones with a “get well soon” message printed right on them.

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