Fall Inspired Wedding Dessert Ideas

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Cooler temps, comfy scarves, and pumpkin spice are all reasons to love the season after summer. If we’re talking your language, a fall wedding just may be the kind of wedding for you. Check out some cool ways you can make a fall wedding really unique.

Keep Costs Manageable

Think carefully about your budget while planning your fall wedding. Make sure you get good value and quality for your money. Cost is a motivating factor for why a greater number of weddings are happening during the fall months. Spring and summertime have a tendency to be the peak wedding season and fall and winter months, off-peak. So couples can be able to score their dream venue, at a fragment of the peak price.

Remember that it may be necessary to think creatively and even give up certain unnecessary things in order to stay within budget. One way you can offset costs is to think about dessert in a new way. Instead of having a traditional wedding cake, try adding fall-inspired desserts to your menu.

Use Apple Pie

Do you prefer pie over cake? You have the freedom to add your personal touch to every aspect of your fall wedding. Why not go a step further and incorporate your favorite dessert into your reception? Choose one or more flavors of apple pie to substitute for the traditional wedding cake. Or you could offer an assortment of apple desserts, like apple donuts, apple fritters or candied apples and pies to complement the dessert bar. Good apple pies are a considerable part of our fond domestic memories. Any good apple pie is a part of happiness, so offer an assortment of apple-based desserts to keep with the fall wedding theme.

Reasons to Hire Help

You could try to take the “do it yourself” approach, and bake everything yourself. Even if this may seem like it is more convenient, you would probably end up doing more work. Finding a baker with experience can help take the stress out of planning, baking and delivering the baked apple goods. When all is said and done, it really boils down to making your life a little easier. Extra stress around planning your fall wedding is not really necessary and should really be avoided if possible. If you have to do all the work, you may end up wasting precious time and sanity.

Head over to a reputable wedding baker and see how they can turn your ideas into a head-turning dessert table. Take a look at some of their favorite ways to incorporate pies into a reception dessert menu. Along with the sweet confections, your guests will also remember your reception by what type of food was served, so keep your personalized, fall wedding theme going, as you plan your wedding food.

To find a great baker. it is a great idea to get background information. The more details you discover, the easier it will be to make a good decision. You will want to start by finding two or three bakeries and making a call to get contact information for three or four of their references. They should be happy to assist you.

Make the Dessert Memorable

Lastly, another great reason to consider offering apple-based desserts at your fall wedding is because the guests will remember it. The average wedding cake goes unnoticed and forgotten. It really is a shame because they are not cheap to make. Instead of having a forgettable dessert, have an unforgettable dessert. Your guests will have a great time sinking their teeth into tart apple pies, apple fritters, or apple donuts. They will not forget the experience. .

Make your fall wedding unique by incorporating apple-based desserts from a bakery you trust. Your guest will enjoy the treats and will remember them and the great time they shared with family and friends.

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