UBC’S Creative Writing Programs is celebrating 50 Years of Excellence



It was the 1965 when the famous poet Earle Birney established his impressive creative writing department in University of British Columbia. It was supposed to be first program in Canada that had primarily focus on the skills of creative writing.  In the coming weekend, the faculty members and graduates will celebrate the 50 years of excellence of this department at Vancouver. No doubt, the contribution of this department to Canadian literature is of par excellence and this literary should not be missed at any cost.
This School has produced a bunch of Novelists, Creative writers, Children’s author, poets, and plenty of graduates.  Besides, the outstanding graduates of this program had also won a big number of prizes for the country and it is a matter of honor for the university and for the school.
Upon request of sharing the reflection of experiences in this school, Lee Henderson a former fellow said that “I had made friendship for the life there and it was really good experience to meet with people of different countries in the same class room”.

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