Veteran Toronto writer pens scathing column on Pegula

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Will my fandom believe that Sabres are non-functional and they were supposed to be made-in-Buffalo phenomenon? These were the views of veteran writer David Shoalts who wrote this scathing article in the Globe and Mail and it was supposed to be hard hitting criticism.
He opens the article with some punching statements “If there were a trophy for worst owner in professional sports, Terry Pegula would have that thing locked down tighter than the Buffalo Sabres’ grip on last place in the NHL”.
On the other hand, people on this article comments that “Pegula is the owner of Sabres and if anyone wishes to join him, must be able to dance over his tunes”.  And another person commented on this article as “No doubt it is pegula’s team but he must act as a good owner and should not overact”.
Lastly, Ken Elder asks David that “If Pegula was the meddling problem then why other members of the Sabres’ management structure did not quit?”

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