Three Tips To Get Your Business To The Front Page of Image-Sharing Sites

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The ever-increasing popularity of image-sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram make it a critical time to find a photographer. “Pinterest, in particular, is something of a commercial oasis, with people regularly sharing images of clothing, food and jewelry that they covet,” Time magazine explains. Businesses easily open up a greater number of advertising opportunities simply by hiring commercial photographers. Here are a few ways companies can make the most of image-sharing:

Pose For Your Close-Up

Instagram pictures featuring a face receive the most likes, according to a Georgia Tech study. In fact, faces receive 38% more likes — and users are 32% more likely to comment on them, too. Ellen DeGeneres’ famous Oscar wefie — or group selfie — recently demonstrated the power of selfie. The Tweet garnered more than a million retweets in an hour, breaking the previously held record for most retweets held by President Obama. Although it may not seem entirely professional to post selfies, don’t be shy about asking corporate event photographers to take candids during important milestones and celebrations. Research also shows that snapping a photo of a few employees at a time — rather than trying to work the whole company into the shot — gets better results.

Document Events And Milestones Creatively

Pinterest and Instagram accounts should not focus on faces alone, however. During corporate events, for example, don’t forget to ask professional photographers (or photographers focusing on corporate event photography) to get a close-up of the cake. Close-ups of prepared food and signs can add necessary variety and color — livening up your business account.

Ride Current Trends

One of the very best ways to take advantage of Instagram and Pinterest is to take advantage of current trends. Try to make commercial photographs fit current Instagram hashtags, for example. Besides for selfies and cat pictures, images of food are among the most popular images on social-sharing sites. If you own a restaurant or food-based business, food trends are a relatively easy hashtag to follow. Nutrition, health eating, and cleaning eating, for instance, are all in right now.

Find a photographer that will help bring you to the forefront of image-sharing platforms. Remember, corporate photographers should be able to capture a variety of subjects — from close-up images of upper management to cakes and signs to commemorate milestones. Read more.

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