Fans Remember Lost Stars and Music Industry Legends

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Elvis aloha from hawaii

Actor and “America’s boy next door” Mickey Rooney, 93, died on Sunday from natural causes, The Boston Globe reports. The passing of the treasured family favorite and film icon left many devastated. “He was the last living star to have appeared in silent films and he holds the record for the longest film career of anyone in the medium’s history,” The Boston Globe wrote in his honor.

Music fans are, if anything, even more dedicated, and the death of music industry legends — including Michael Jackson and King of Rock ‘N Roll Elvis Presley — permanently altered the course of music history. Years after Michael Jackson’s death — and decades after the untimely passing of Presley — fans continue to celebrate their careers and lives.

Michael Jackson’s Music Lives On Online

Michael Jackson fans continue honoring the late singer and performer’s legacy, and the King of Pop continues to make history posthumously. In March, Epic Records announced that an album of unreleased — and previously unheard — Michael Jackson songs will be released in May. The new album, entitled “Xscape,” will go on sale on May 13. Jackson signed contract allowing the posthumous release of his music. With the new album, fans will be able to continue enjoying new music from the star — even after his death.

Ongoing Celebrations in Honor of Late Elvis Presley

Similarly, music aficionados continue paying tribute to Elvis Presley. Presley’s fascination with Hawaii was well-known. (The King of Rock ‘N Roll shot a series of films, including Blue Hawaii and Elvis Aloha From Hawaii, on the islands.) Today, islanders celebrate his life by hosting authentic Elvis shows. Instead of dressing up as and impersonating the king, Elvis performers simply play his songs and honor the late King of Rock ‘N Roll.

Movie and music icons may pass on — but people all over the world continue celebrating in their memory. Michael Jackson fans will enjoy his new posthumous album, and Elvis performers honor the King of Rock N’ Roll — to this day — with lively performances and shows.

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