Three Reasons Why Your Company Should Use Online Video Marketing

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As our culture becomes more and more integrated with social media and digital video production, there are more and more reasons for advertisers to use marketing videos on the web. It’s now easier than ever for companies to reach their targeted consumer audience through online video marketing, and the amount of evidence to support this is growing.

Check out these three reasons why your company should take advantage of online video marketing:

1. Easier access to your targeted audience: By using cookies and other information about users’ web habits to tailor advertising on an individual basis, it’s easier than ever to reach your intended consumer base with video marketing. Advertising videos are easily accessible on smartphones and tablets, and are easily shareable to users’ friends on social networking sites.

2. Greater interactivity: The Internet is one big conversation — users are now able to share thoughts on their favorite and least favorite products and services with people all around the world in an unprecedented manner. Video marketing and advertisements also allow customers to comment directly on the advertisements, generating attention for other Internet users and valuable feedback for your company.

3. Higher rates of purchases: Surveys have shown that shoppers who watched online marketing videos before shopping were 174% more likely to make a purchase than those who didn’t. It’s also incredibly easy for Internet users to make a purchase — all it takes is the click of a mouse. By marketing your company online, you’ll be able to make a tangible impression on potential customers that translates to sales.

There’s no reason not to take advantage of video marketing and all its benefits. To start expanding your company’s online presence with video marketing, consult a video production company or video production business now! Learn more at this link.

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