The Facts About Getting a Great Guitar Sound

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Guitar distortion

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments, and much of its popularity can be attributed to the affordability of a new guitar. This isn’t to say that a Paul Reed Smith SE Custom or Dangelico guitars are “cheap” per se, but relatively speaking, it is easy to find a really good guitar for just a couple hundred bucks. You can’t say this about the piano, violin, tuba, trumpet, or even a flute.

Of course, the real reason so many people play guitar is because it’s the coolest instrument in existence. When you hear the words “rock star,” the electric guitar is the first musical instrument that comes to mind. After all, the guitar is the single-most important instrument in a rock band, and is the driving force behind the most famous rock songs and riffs. Plus, guitarists are really the only ones who get solos in just about every song.

However, it takes more than guitars, electric guitar effects pedals, and DR guitar strings to get a good sound. In fact, you can purchase the most expensive custom made guitar, and run it through the best boutique guitar multi effects pedals on the market, and the tone will be mediocre if the sound equipment isn’t high-quality.

When it comes to getting a great guitar sound, everything in a guitar player’s signal chain is important. From guitar, strings, and pick to pickups, pedals, and amplifier. One week components might make a significant difference when it comes to getting that tone. Sure, the quality of your picks and strings aren’t as important as those of your pickups, effects pedals, and sound equipment, but you get the drift.

If you are determined to get the perfect guitar sound, there comes a point where you have to stop thinking about your guitar and effects, and look at your sound equipment. Since the amplifiers and speakers actually emit your sound, maybe you should spend more time thinking about those things.

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