The Top Three Things to Consider When Planning a Wedding

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There are lots of things you just have to think about when planning a wedding and, while it can be overwhelming and easy to overlook some details, it is extremely important to make sure you get it right. With the cost of a wedding, you want to be sure you get your money’s worth and get it right the first time. Here are three things you should be sure to think about when planning a wedding:

1. The Cost

While a wedding is a very romantic idea, at the end of the day it is an event like any other and needs party rentals. It is important to know how much you can afford for those party rentals before you plan anything else about the wedding because it will influence how you budget everything else. As of 2012, most weddings cost about 13 thousand dollars. If you don’t have those kind of liquid funds, you may want to consider places you could save money and prioritize other things.

2. The Invite List

After you’ve figured out what your budget is, you have to consider who you will invite. Typically, there are four bride and groomsmen each, but even normal guests have costs associated with them. There is the food, seating, and other such costs that come with every guests that can stack up very quickly. Of course you want all your loved ones to be there, and the venue can influence how much the costs will be for each guest, which leads to…

3. The Venue

Where you have your wedding is as important as who attends it. It will, after all, influence your expenditures in wedding rentals immensely; if your venue is inside, there is the cost of the building, but if your venue is outside, such as a backyard party, perhaps you would need to look into party tent rentals. It also might be influenced by your budget and roster. It’s important to keep all these factors in mind when you plan a wedding. What seems most important to you? Continue reading here.

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