Put Some Weight on It Three Ways You Can Get the Hard-Hitting, Heavy Guitar Tone You Want

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Sure, your guitar has a pretty good sounding growl right now, but don’t you wish it could sound more grizzly? Don’t you want a tone that hits as hard as primal, apex predator?
Instead of letting your guitar go on sounding lackluster, try something new. Here are a few ideas to help.

Try Some New Guitar Effect Pedals.

The most obvious thing you can do to get a heavier tone is to get some new guitar effects pedals. For starters, try getting a guitar distortion pedal, since they’re relatively simple to use. If you’d like something heavier, try overdrive guitar effect pedals. These are similar to distortion guitar effect pedals, but provide more control, and can often sound much heavier. If neither one gives you the weight you want, try chaining the two together and using both guitar effect pedals at the same time.

Try a Lower Tuning.

Unless you’re literally just starting to learn how to play, then chances are you know how to tune your guitar. However, did you know that you didn’t have to play exclusively in EADGBE tuning? Instead, try putting your guitar in Drop-D tuning (DADGBE), a whole step (DGCFAD), or even Drop-C tuning, (CGCFAD).

Try Adjusting Your Amp’s Settings.

One of the problems you might be having has to do with the way you have your sound equipment set up. All guitar amps should have a bass knob, mid knob, and treble knob. Turn each one down to zero. Then, turn the bass up the highest, the treble second highest, and the mid the lowest. Whichever number you dial in for each is entirely up to you, but this is the order of loudness you’re going to want to put them in.

Getting a hard-hitting, heavy tone isn’t hard to do. Guitar effect pedals, alternative tunings, and adjusting your amp’s settings can all help. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Learn more at this link: www.lawkstarguitars.com

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