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Many forms of art exist around the world, from poetry to paintings and sculpture to music and even body art. Meanwhile, dancing is another form of art that is nearly universal, and many forms of dances are practiced today. Some of them are traditional dances used for religious purposes by pre-industrial peoples, but for the most part, any person can learn some popular dances with dance lessons in their area. Ballroom dance classes are a fine example, and a person or group of friends may sign up for ballroom dance classes before an upcoming event that calls for dancing. A high school senior prom is a good example, or a charity ball or certainly a wedding. Ballroom dance classes for adults can be found in towns and cities across the United States, and dancing is a fine form of cardio and may prove to be great fun, too. Salsa dancing and other Latin dances may be more upbeat and thrilling, and may be a fine idea for a nightclub or other informal settings. Ballroom dance studios might be just one Internet search away.

The Benefits of Dancing

Why should someone try some dancing, and attend ballroom dance classes? Many people admit being self-conscious about dancing, or think that their technique is not good enough for it. But someone does not have to be the most elegant dancer to have a good time with it. For one thing, dancing is a fine form of exercise, and adults need daily cardio anyway, so they may as well get that cardio done while doing something enjoyable and classy. To make this even clearer, the USDA’s physical activity guidelines consider dancing a “moderate activity,” and American adults should et at least half an hour of moderate activity per day. What is more, out of 11 physical activities that The New England Journal of Medicine Considered, dancing alone was tied to a lower risk of dementia. Exercise like this or similar activities may lower a person’s risk of heart disease or even type 2 diabetes, and dancing may burn 200-400 calories in 30 minutes. Dancing may also boost the dancer’s metabolism.

Clearly, dancing is a great way to get up and get moving, and besides that, exercise boosts a person’s mood, often a variation of the “runner’s high.” That, combined with how most dances are set to music and are partner-based, dancing can be a fun form of exercise that may leave both dancers feeling very good about themselves and each other. And why else might someone dance? If someone is good at dancing and shows off their skills, they might impress their friends and companions, and that can make them popular at a senior prom or a wedding reception dance. Some people may even pleasantly surprise their friends with their newly developed dancing skills and enjoy the attention.

Where and How to Dance

As mentioned earlier, some common settings for dancing include a wedding reception (where dancing might be done for hours), a high school prom, a charity ball, or even a festival or outdoor party that features square dancing and the like. If someone is going to be a wedding guest but has not danced in a long time (if ever), they may sign up for ballroom dance classes in a nearby studio, and either bring along friends or choose people they meet there as their practice partners. Someone who is good friends of the bride and groom may feel motivated to show off their competence on the dance floor, especially if they are bringing a date to that wedding.

These ballroom dance classes may teach the waltz, which is often considered the main formal dance. It was popular in Vienna many years ago during its peak, and is a partner-based dance always set to music with a 3/4 time signature. Waltz has a simple, repeating pattern of steps set to that 3/4 music, and may not take long to learn. And for less formal dances, someone might learn salsa, which is a colorful dance from Latin America that draws upon many different earlier dances to create a medley of elements, hence its name. The rumba is another popular dance to try out in classes.

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