5 Unique Inexpensive Gifts to Brighten Your Desk

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Is your desk starting to look a little blah? Do you find your attention wandering during that mid-afternoon stretch where the hours seem to feel longer and longer? We’ve all experienced that moment where we need to take a little breather from the work day in order to keep from taking a nap at your desk. So why not treat yourself to unique inexpensive gifts to brighten up your desk space and help make your work time more productive when you run up against those afternoon blues.

For the Backyard Gamer: Mini Horseshoes

If you find yourself longing for the days of summer back yard barbecues, why not treat yourself to a little game? The brief distraction of trying to get a tiny ringer on your desktop can help you clear your mind and refocus your energy so you can return to work with renewed vigor. Taking that quick little break might be the thing you need to help you get back on track so you’ll be out in the yard tossing the real thing in no time.

For the Taco Tuesday Enthusiast: Mini Margarita Glasses

Okay, so maybe this is more wishful thinking than anything, but if you want some motivation to get through your day, there’s nothing better than knowing that fun with friends or family is on the other side. If you’re always the one planning the party, whether it’s a Taco Tuesday or a viewing party for your favorite television show, mini margarita glasses are unique inexpensive gifts to help showcase to your officemates that you’re ready to be the life of the party, even if you’re trying not to fall asleep at your desk. If you’re feeling frisky, pop a sip of your afternoon LaCroix into the glass, put your pinkie out, and feel like the fancy partier you are.

For the Bob Ross Lover: a Mini Paint Set

There’s no denying that Bob Ross’ soothing, positive style has had an impact on us all. If you need a tiny break at your desk and you find yourself fantasizing about happy little trees, why not keep a miniature paint set at your desk? Tiny, compact, and cute, these little paint sets come with 5-6 colors and a tiny brush, perfect for adding a little color to your Post-It note doodles. Taking a little break from email or filing reports to create some art can help you clear your mind and return to your tasks with a renewed focus and energy.

For the Desktop Luncher: a USB Vacuum

If the only way you’re able to get through your afternoon is with a few snacks, then chances are your keyboard has a few hidden crumbs in it that you can’t quite reach. Rather than banishing your snack habit, try a cute, compact vacuum. Charged through your USB ports, these little guys are as effective as they are adorable, allowing you to have your cake (or chips or crackers) and eat it too.

For the Stressed Out Spiritualist: a Desktop Zen Garden

Sometimes work is stressful, we all know it, and there’s nothing we can do except to help try to offset that stress with something a bit more positive. A zen garden for your desk can give you something productive and soothing to do with your hands. Each set comes with a tiny patch of sand, a rake to groom patterns into it, and some small stones to arrange however you’d like. Perfect for distracting your hands on conference calls, these unique inexpensive gifts can be the perfect stress buster, while still adding a touch of serenity and class to your workspace.

There’s no denying that we all wish our lives had a little less work and a little more fun, a little more vacation, but if we can’t have that, then the next best thing is having a workspace that sparks positive feelings, fun, and serenity. With these unique inexpensive gifts, you can not only personalize your space to reflect your unique personality, but you can help yourself focus on the task at hand and increase your productivity.

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