Money and Many Other Fake Movie Props That Create the World of Hollywood

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So many fake movie props help create the world of the movies. Whether it is the money used in a movie or the items that make a movie so specifically itself (e.g. Star Wars, Star Trek, and many more). One reason for creating prop money is if it requires being burned or ruined in some way. If that were done to real currency during the recording of a film it is illegal. With the creation of black and white currency for film props, which may be fake money but is reproduced legally even if it is different than real currency.

What are Fake Movie Props?

Well, just as the wording describes, many movies have props created that are not real-life items. Some of these are things like prop money, Hollywood film money, and many more. Money that is made as a prop for many different locations as well as these movies and more, while prop money for TV shows exists along with prop money with logos. Other items are more creational or statue-like and make the actual specific environment of the film.

Prop Money for Movies

Now, movie money is not the same as legal currency and cannot be used to make any purchases. These props for films are often printed in black and white and are not the same as legal currency. While there is a legal code, in Title 18, Section 504, that allows the production of these props if they are created in the proper dimensions and digitally printed prop money made in 72dpi or less. However, if someone were to attempt the use of prop money for shopping, there is the potential for fines up to $250,000 and 20 years in prison.

Fake Movie Props Solely Designed for Films

The cost of fake movie props is very interesting, especially considering the value they gain when some of those movies become so incredibly popular. One to consider is the lightsaber from the original Star Wars film costing only about $12 to create. Even those employees who design and set up the props that create the overall world of those famous movies were reported in 2011 by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to make a little over $50,000 annually. These items become so valuable to the movie watchers though they are very little in financial value at the beginning!

There are so many different benefits of movie money, as they are able to provide another special prop that was part of the filmmaking process. While it is often only needed for the movie itself, these printed pieces can often be saved and used as birthday gifts or other memorabilia for those who are fans of certain movies.

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