6 Epic Ways to Promote Corporate Recognition without Spending Much Money

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At its simplest, worker recognition is the expressed appreciation for employees in the workplace. It can be a simple in-office appreciation or years of service award. Employees are the heart of the business, and organizations use worker acknowledgment to promote positive energy, motivate employees and strengthen desired behavior.

Recognition could take different forms. It could be an open shout out, a simple “great work!” or “thank you for the diligent research!” or even a high five! Regardless of the approach, it’s the most valuable part a company can focus on.

While employees need financial and promotions to celebrate an accomplishment, they also appreciate open credit for their wins. So, here are six cheap methods you can put in place to promote employee recognition.

Start a Worker Recognition Program

You can start an appreciation platform for the worker who demonstrates positive qualities at work. For instance, member of staff can earn points for helping workmates in an eventuality such as a fire outbreak. Using the overall scores, they can redeem a safety award at the end of the year. Such a program strengthens worker engagement.

Show Interest in Staff Professional Growth

Typically, most staff leaves work at the age of 63 years, so they have ample time to develop their professional life. Get interested in knowing what your employees’ professional goals are and assist them in achieving them. No, it doesn’t mean paying their entire education, but you can grant them simple loans and send emails concerning their studies. Once they accomplish their goals, you can express your message of congratulations with an achievement award.

Appreciate Your Employees’ Accomplishment

Workers will be happy when the management recognizes their achievement. It might be donating blood to an organization such as the Red Cross, acquiring a new house or even completing a safety course. You can add them a safety award plaque to show them that you are not only concerned about their office work but also their activities outside work.

Ask Employees to Vote for the Worker of the Year

It is getting noticed at the office that makes an employee feel valued. When you acknowledge the performance of employees by introducing ‘Employee of the Year’ award, other workers will learn from it and strive hard to win it plus other more awards including retirement plaques or years of service award.

However, when delivering the awards, you should explain why such a worker deserved it. You could do this by writing on the notice board or publicly expound during a team or a general meeting. It feels great to be celebrated by your coworkers and leaders.

Invite a Worker to Your Office And Thank Them Personally

Usually, after an employee receives years of service award, it’s time for them to go home. But it would be more respectful and appreciative to welcome them in your office and thank them individually. Sometimes, saying a mere ‘thank you’ could be rather hard. But you can try other ways like adding them a crystal retirement gift. They would be pleased to accept honest gratitude for work well done.

Follow a Merriment Calendar in the Office

Just like couples receive their 50th-anniversary gifts, you should also celebrate workers birthdays as well as their employment anniversaries. It could be a birthday cake with a customized gift attached to it. The management and colleagues could write messages of appreciation on them.

Employee recognition super-charges worker productivity and increases engagement – until they receive years of service award. Naturally, humans have an intent want to obtain praise from others. Wouldn’t you work hard if every time you achieve a goal, you receive an award?

Research shows that most retirees when they receive years of service award, they would want to go back for the job – not for the money, for more recognition.

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