How to Create the Ultimate Home Theater



Installing a home theater

With booming surround sound, brilliantly beautiful TV displays, and the comfiest couches you can find, home theater systems are the ultimate in home luxury and home entertainment. It?s no secret why people want to mimic the excitement of going to the movies in their own living space; the big screens and complex sound systems really immerse you in the film. To get the full cinema experience, read below to see what you need for your very own home theater.

  1. A TV or Screen
    The TV screen is the most important component of your home theater system and will be the focal point of the entire room. Today?s top line high definition televisions offer stunning displays in a wide variety of sizes. Depending on how much money you?d like to spend on your home theater, you can opt for varying levels of technology. For an incredible viewing experience, consider upgrading to a 3D TV.
    For a more authentic cinema-like feel, you can install a screen and projector in lieu of a television. These are a bit more difficult to set up and may require some additional equipment, but offer unmatched picture quality at larger-than-life sizes. Some home entertainment experts suggest going with projectors for a home theater experience that?s more like the real thing.
  2. A Sound System
    When it comes to sound systems, you?ll need a couple different components. A receiver is necessary for surround sound because it acts as a control center for each speaker. This unit processes the audio signals and amplifies them for that booming sound theaters are famous for. A multipurpose receiver is invaluable to your theater system, as it can control both audio and video from one central location.
    Next, you?ll need a speaker set and a subwoofer to recreate a true surround sound system to fully envelop you in the theater experience. If you?re unsure how to do so, consider hiring home entertainment experts to properly place the speakers for maximum sound quality.
  3. Comfortable Seating
    After all the labor and set up is complete, you?ll want to finally relax. No home theater is complete without comfortable home theater seating! This is where you can really customize your space: do you want traditional movie theater seats or giant couches your whole family to relax on? The possibilities are truly endless and are only limited by your imagination. You can implement everything from bean bags chairs to recliners, depending on how you choose to decorate your space. Whichever seating option you choose, make sure you have a good view of the screen!

Got any other ideas for a home theater system? Leave a comment below and tell us what you’d love to have!

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