Bring Vegas to Your Town with a Casino Night Party

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Poker is very popular. More than 10 million people visited a casino to play poker within the last 12 months. Las Vegas attracts nearly 37 million people each year. Forty million people claim they play regularly. If you are considering hosting a theme event, a casino night party is a great choice.A casino night fundraiser is a great and fun way to raise money for a charity.

Your gusts will have a much better time if you can hire real dealers. Or at the very least your casino night party should have dealers who know a lot about poker. This greatly enhances the gaming experience.

To make your casino night party really special, rent your tables. If you are on a tight budget, look for blackjack or poker tables. If you have a little more to spend, consider a craps or roulette table. They really make a casino group party pop. Just make sure you have at least three games to keep everyone entertained.

Model your party after a famous Las Vegas casino like Circus Circus or Caesar?s Palace. Your casino theme party attendees will appreciate the effort. It also makes for a more festive mood and atmosphere. Be creative with it. If you really like Paris, you can create a Paris motif. Have French food and wine and maybe a poster if then Eiffel Tower. Who does not like partying in Paris?

If you are doing your casino night party to raise money, think about how you want to do that. Some casino night party organizers charge an entrance fee that will include some chips but others just rely on chip purchases. The winners do not get cash like at a casino but bragging rights for showing off their poker prowess. Some casino night party organizers offer prizes for the top winners. You might want to approach local businesses to donate items that will be your prizes. It is good public relations and a tax write off for them.

Now before starting work on any event, you need a budget. The costs of a casino night party do add up. You have to rent a venue and equipment, hire dealers, pay for food and beverages. Take a realistic look at how much you can afford to spend. You may be able to haggle with some vendors. Others might be willing to donate, agin, it looks good for them if you are doing it for a charity. If you do not ask, they cannot say yes.

Once all the work is done have fun! Make sure you enjoy the fruits of all your labors. After all, a casino party night is all about having fun.

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