How the Movie Prop Industry Has Grown Over the Years

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What is you favorite party of any movie you’ve watched? We are sure that you can think of a few different things that you love most about some of your favorite movies. For instance, when you’re watching the Star Wars movies, what are your favorite scenes? Are they some of the battle scenes that involve lightsabers? You might be surprised to find that the lightsaber from the original Star Wars film cost a meager $12 for them to make. In our modern times, choosing movie props that fit the theme of a movie and ensuring that they are a perfect stylistic choice is not always easy. However, the right movie props are sure to make or break a movie.

Movie Money: A Common Choice in Many Films

If you’re watching a movie about a bank heist or trafficking, what are some of the things that you will see? For many people who enjoy these types of movies and those like it, they might see prop money that has been designed to look like real currency that is solely designed for film. When choosing movie props, directors and designers need to make many choices to ensure that the prop is as realistic as possible but also ensure that they are within legal standards.

For instance, if a film requires burning money, prop money must legally be used. Burning real currency is actually a crime that prohibits the burning or mutilation of currency in any way. There are also United States codes that permit the using of reproduced black and white money as long as it meets all the prop size and style requirements and is not used in an illegal manner. In 1865, it was the first time that the Secret Service was hired to go after all money counterfeiters as a whole, as one-third of money being distributed was found to be forged. However, today’s prop money is not made to the same standards and would never pass for the real thing without proper seals and more.

Our Film Industry and the Importance of Props

Choosing movie props and ensuring that they are made to standard is one of the most difficult things that you will go through if you are filming or working on a movie. Hollywood is the oldest film industry and has been in the works for over 121 years. Because the US Cinema makes the most money, it is important that the correct props are being used at all times and are as realistic as possible as movies continue to get churned out. This is why, if you are working on a movie, you want to ensure that you make the best choices when it comes to props. Many individuals will not be fooled and want to see something as real as possible right before their eyes – because they are paying for these designs.

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