Different Balloons and Their Many Different Uses

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There are so many different locations available for the use of balloons, especially in their celebratory nature. Being one of the most popular decorations for all different parties, it is helpful to find the perfect balloons for the event you are celebrating.

A Rubber Balloon

Well, it is valuable to know that rubber balloons were the first ones developed, and that they date back to 1824 in the first design and creation by Professor Michael Findlay. These were made out of only two sheets of rubber with the edges pressed together, but the technology of the balloon has clearly advanced for almost two centuries now.

The Use of a Balloon

It is important to know that rubber balloons are not necessarily environmentally friendly, so shopping for more eco-friendly latex balloons when decorating for a party today is helpful. Surveys have shown that well over two-thirds of people at all ages like to celebrate their birthday, meaning that there are many additions of balloons to the waste that is brought into garbage dumps. With balloons being part of many other gifts and decorations, it is better to work with the materials like latex that are easier on the planet. With expectations for Valentine’s gifts, anniversary gifts, and many others, bouquets often come with very decorative options like these.

The Latex Balloon

Again latex balloons are much more eco-friendly than rubber balloons. This isn’t quite so much about the ability to process the waste or to recycle latex, but about the way that latex is produced over rubber. Rubber trees grow in the rain forests and are part of the large rate of deforestation taking place worldwide. On the other hand, latex harvesting discourages deforestation because latex-producing trees are left intact. A tree can produce latex for up to 40 years, keeping many of those forests going for much longer while other trees continue to grow.

There were also silver metalized balloons invented in the 1970s for the New York City Ballet. These are quite decorative and are still seen at party stores and useful in more colorful decorations for events. However, they are more expensive and are not necessarily needed for a simple birthday party or other gathering. In addition, there are many other specialty balloons that are helpful in gifts and decorations together:

  • foil balloons
  • heart shaped balloons
  • wholesale balloons suppliers

No matter why you buy balloons, you can find the balloons you want or need anytime, anywhere. Just take a look around, but still try to find one that will play the safest bet on the environment.

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