Hosting a Casino Night Fundraiser? Here’s What You Should Know

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Hosting a Casino Night Fundraiser is an excellent way to raise money for charities or other non-profits projects. No matter the size of the event you are aiming, there’s are always factors to consider, and certain features are simply a must. Features such as entertainment, auction, ticket sales, sponsorships, donations are common when it comes to preparing for a casino night fundraiser. Ideally, it essential that your first set revenue goals, since this is the soul agenda of the event. By having revenue goals, you can easily lay proper structures that will ensure you meet these aims.

Besides the element of income, other details intended to foster a successful fundraiser must be planned well in advance. For instance, most event organizers recommend that you plan at least 3 to 6 months early, especially if you have to secure sponsors, permits or any other legal requirement that may take long to process. This should give you enough time meet different stakeholders whom you are aiming to bring on board for that worthy course.

While you are at the planning stage, there’s one important thing you need to put much attention on, and that is promoting the event. This could make the difference between you making a loss or reaping maximum revenue. If you’ll decide to do door-door invitation, that’s even better. But as much as possible, try to sell the event to the public, especially parents. You can also produce newsletters and press releases to market the event. While doing this, make sure you give out the highlights of the fundraiser and remember to put emphasize on why you are raising funds. If you are looking to achieve a casino night party theme, there are numerous ideas you could think of such as casino-themed decorations, music systems, mc’s, Dj’s, caterers, and you will also need plenty of aides. In hosting a casino night fundraiser, there are more than 1,511 casinos in the U.S. that you can opt for. Although, not every venue is the same. You’ll need to do a thorough evaluation and understand the demands for each venue.

Since ticketing is the main revenue generator, you need to have reasonable ticket prices that ensure that not only meet you set targets but also encourage guests to attend. In case you are not sure on ticket sales, there are other revenue generators approaches at a fundraiser event and they include.

Drink Sales
Just like in a regular Vegas Casino, drinks are simply a must to keep the guests refreshed and liven up the party. Since not everyone at the fundraiser will be participating at the tables, offer them beverages to encourage more cocktail walk and talks. Through selling of drinks, you get to generate revenue towards your target goals.

Food Sales
Food and parties are inseparable, and serving food at a fundraiser is a typical way of making money that adds to the total revenue target you have. Usually, food is served and charged per plate rather than charging per individual. However, don’t start a food service by putting much attention to it instead generating income towards the event should be your primary focus.

In hosting a casino night fundraiser, one effective means of generating revenue is through re-buys. How does this work? While guests play at the table, some will often run out playing chips, requiring them to buy more from the hosting organization. This will ultimately increase the total revenues as the players have another shot at the casino tables.

Table Sponsorships
Since you’ve established that hosting casino night fundraiser is a capital-intensive venture, you need to come up with strategies that will lower the overall cost of running the event and maximize the profits. One way to do this is by having table sponsorship. Here, you can have sponsors in different categories purchase casino tables. This will give them a chance to own more chips to play increasing their chances of winning. Also, sponsors will receive extensive advertising throughout the fundraising period.

Now that you have an idea of hosting a casino night fundraiser, it is paramount that you follow both casino and state laws that govern gambling to avoid any legal implications.

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