The Benefit Of Adding Paintings, Sculptures And Plants To Your Clinic Or Therapy Setting

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To create art is to be human. Without it the world is a dreary place, something that can be easily noticed in the day-to-day whether you’re working in an office space or visiting the clinic for a check-up. When you want to create a harmonious and accepting environment for your patients, the benefits of an art consultant cannot be understated. An art consultant is well-versed in communication, psychology and mental wellness, able to promote pleasant moods and positive mindsets through illustration and interior design. If you’ve found yourself asking, “What is an art consultant and how can they help my establishment?”, consider reading below to learn more about what art can offer both you and your patients.

Using Art To Reduce Stress Levels

It is common for patients to be stressed when visiting a clinic, hospital or therapeutic establishment. In order to promote a better working relationship it is highly recommended you furbish your spaces with art. An enlightening study saw participants reporting their stress levels before and after entering a gallery for a half hour. Once they exited they expressed being noticeably less stressed on top of having lower concentrations of cortisol, that of which controls the rate at which stress hormones are released. From paintings to commercial design, art is the bridge between emotional and mental wellness.

Promoting A More Enriching Mood

Nobody wants to be in a space that makes them feel tense, unpleasant or unwelcome. An art consultant can pinpoint exactly what your space needs to visually embrace its clientele, from selecting pleasing colors to arranging a given space properly. A study conducted in 2011 by the University Of London found that blood flow increased by 10% to the part of the brain responsible for creating endorphins when the subjects saw a beautiful painting, the same amount when looking at a friend or a partner. Not only can an enriching mood relax your clientele, it can boost the productivity of your employees.

Bolstering Productivity Through Design

Productivity can be significantly hampered by poor mood and a lack of concentration, both of which have been attributed to a lack of interior design in workspaces and establishments. Ongoing research conducted by the Exeter University School Of Psychology found that employees with more control over the design of their work station were not just happier and healthier than those without said control, they were also 30% more productive in their day-to-day work. An additional study found that people who work in enriched spaces, such as those with paintings or plants, were nearly 20% more productive than those in bare settings.

Choosing Various Art Forms For Your Setting

There are endless forms of art to choose from. It’s recommended you choose more than one to give the human eye more to soak in and enjoy, whether it’s from the perspective of a potential patient or a full-time employee. The Cleveland Clinic recently discovered that over half of all patients reported a reduction in stress through their hospital’s contemporary art collection. These works were all produced over the last few decades and included fine art posters, sculptures and abstract wall designs.

Why You Should Hire An Art Consultant

Art strategy partners work with businesses and establishments to create artwork for healthcare facilities, be they physical therapy for accidents or clinics for children. They can choose everything from appropriate subject matter to color theory combinations to create the most accessible and harmonious environment possible. Over 90% of respondents to an art-related survey feel that art makes their workplace more welcoming, with another 60% feeling it stimulates further creativity, productivity and emotional wellness. Consider reaching out to a fine art consultant when you want to bring out the very best your business or clinic has to offer.

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