Fall Will Be Here Before You Know It What Makes Apple Hill Farm The Go-To Autumn Retreat For Families

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You’re in the thick of a sweltering summer. You’ve got campfires and barbecue on the mind! That said…now’s a great time to plan what kind of fall fun you’ll be having.

Autumn has been a beautiful, cozy season for as long as we’ve known it. Once the leaves turn orange and the air crisp we’re overwhelmed with all sorts of positive feelings. Coming up with fun ideas for the whole family is easy when you swing by Apple Hill. Offering apple picking sessions and fresh baked goods, enjoying fall fun is as easy as remembering your appetite. Next time you rummage through your calendar to pencil down must-haves for the end of 2019, consider the list below.

We’re going to take a journey to Apple Hill farm and learn about what makes this place such a special place for families and couples.

Apples are an iconic fruit. You can find them on the corner of a teacher’s desk in the good ol’ days or at the bottom of your lunch bag when taking a break from work. Not only are they incredibly delicious, they can be turned into even more delicious things. It’s estimated over 2,500 varieties of apples are grown right here in the United States, which expands to over 7,500 around the world. It takes about two pounds of apples to make your classic nine-inch apple pie.

Hungry for some fun facts? A Hokuto apple that weighed a stunning four pounds was first discovered by Chisato Iwasaki in Hirosaki City back in 2005 — it now stands at the singular distinction of the largest apple ever recorded. Apple Hill season ushers in all the apples you can ever hope to pick, giving a classic touch to your usual fall fun. Sign up for the apple orchard tour and teach your children about the health benefits of an apple. You can wind down with fresh baked apple donuts or apple pies when you’re done!

It’s not just apples you can enjoy. Autumn activities span across all the goodness this season has to offer, up to and including the pumpkin. Pumpkins have been growing in North America for over 5,000 years, wildly popular for their appealing shape and delicious taste. Baked pumpkin seeds are high in zinc, making them a great healthy snack for the family. Never mind pumpkin pies — a recent study asked Americans for their favorite pie, finding apple leads the charge at 45% and pumpkin close behind at 35%.

Did you know pumpkins are made out of 90% water? Back in the day autumn used to be called harvest, too, and it remains the most popular season among Americans — according to a recent study, 30% prefer it over the other three. Interestingly enough, there is enough scientific evidence to suggest there is a biological reason why we eat more during the holidays. A lack of vitamin D is thought to reduce fat breakdown and trigger fat storage, hence why you tend to gain weight in autumn and winter. Now you know what to blame when your waistline looks different in November!

Fall fun should incorporate a little bit of everything, just like the autumn season. Choose some activities for kids to get them into the festive spirit. Add in some delicious food to wind down the evening and help everyone rest proper. Apple Hill is well-known for their pumpkin and apple varieties, all of which you can pick and take home with you at the end of the day. Sign up for Apple Hill events or just swing by for a visit next time you’ve got the itching for a fresh baked apple pie.

Summer doesn’t last forever…and your fall fun is right on the way!

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