Easy Ways To Pick The Best Wine

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You might find yourself at a restaurant where it is easy to choose a wine you might like because the waiter or waitress will recommend a good wine based on your tastes. However, what if you are at a store or online looking for wine and you stop and think to yourself, what is sparkling wine when you see a bottle of the sparkling wine and pick it up only to question what it is?

You might be confused about what is sparkling wine at the moment and put it back down or find someone there at the store to help you. Or if you are online, you will find yourself checking Google for the phase, what is sparkling wine. Keep reading for some easy tips for choosing the best wine.

The Basics

Choosing good wine is all about listening to your tastes and needs first. Do you like tart flavors, bold, sweet, spicy, or delicate flavors? Once you understand your own tastes, then you can choose the best wine for you.

Wine Labels


Although the term on the wine bottle might describe it as sweet, if it is really a dry tasting wine, it won’t be sweet but, dry. Other terms that a wine label might use include semi-sweet and sweet.


If a wine contains high-acidity, it will be tart. However, if it is low-acidity, it will be richer or rounder.


When a wine is characterized as full-body, light-body, or somewhere in the middle, it is talking about how light or heavy it will feel in your mouth. Usually, red wines will have a fuller body than the white wines do and the wines that are created from grapes grown in warmer areas, as opposed to cooler areas

Alcohol Content

If the alcohol content in your wine is high, the more it will make your throat and mouth feel warm.

A Few Tips For Choosing The Best Wine

If you are a beginner wine drinker, you should try the white wines and rose wines as opposed to red wines and rare wines. Then, once you get the hang of drinking it, and liking it more and more, you can branch out to other wines such as Italian red wines, French red wines, and even fine red wine.

Another thing to think about when choosing the best wine is to consider the occasion at the moment. Are you throwing a backyard barbecue with some close friends and family? Choose a wine that everyone likes.

If you are pairing it with a meal, you will want a wine that goes well with the meal you are going to serve. The main rule of thumb is that white wines go with lighter dishes, such as chicken and fish, while heavier dishes, such as beef and lamb, go with red wines.

Always read the label and understand what you are reading before choosing the best wine for yourself and others. Get educated on the labels and learn all about the fine art of drinking wine.

Wine was first discovered in the Middle East around 6,000 years ago.

Retails sales for wine in the U.S are predicted to increase by 11 percent by the year 2020.

According to ton research, drinking about two glasses of wine per day is connected with an 18 percent decrease in early death.

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