When to Buy Foil or Latex Balloons

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There are all kinds of fun, festive, and affordable ways to decorate a room or backyard for a party, like colorful streamers and tablecloths, candles, music, and most of all, balloons. Wholesale latex balloons and foil balloons are easy to get at party supply stores and grocery stores, and heart shaped balloons are a great gift for Valentine’s day (and these heart shaped balloons may be either foil or latex types). Some balloons are filled with helium so they can float, but don’t forget that it’s also a good idea to fill them with air, such as from an air pump. Now, when is it the right time to buy some balloons, and what sets apart foil balloons from latex ones? Which would be better for a party?

All About Latex Balloons

The very idea of balloons goes back to 1824, when professor Michael Faraday fused together the edges of two rubber sheets and filled them with air. Balloons have been made ever since, though they tend to be made of latex instead of rubber. After all, harvesting that much rubber to make balloons would put serious strain on the world’s forests, but a latex tree can produce material for nearly 40 years without getting killed in the process. So, latex harvesting is much more environmentally sustainable, and it’s now the standard material for balloons.

Latex balloons tend to have that classic teardrop shape, though some of them are manufactured to form heart shaped balloons when they are inflated, and they are often red or pink in color. A customer can find packets of dozens of latex balloons at party supply stores or grocery stores, but take note that a party supply store might not necessarily have a helium pump on hand. Also, be aware that latex balloons are a choking hazard for pets or small children until they are inflated, and when latex balloons are popped, their scraps should be collected and disposed of immediately for the same reason.

Some latex balloons are filled with helium, and they can be bought at carnivals or fairs or similar events with a string attached to them. Meanwhile, homeowners can inflate latex balloons with a regular air pump or even their own breath, and while these balloons won’t float, they can last longer than helium filled ones, and not everyone has access to a helium pump anyway. Just be sure to keep these balloons away from hot items, such as light bulbs or an open fire, or they may burst due to hot air expanding inside them.

Foil Balloons

Foil balloons were invented much more recently, and they are somewhat distinct from latex ones. During manufacture, foils sheet are cut into shape and have their edges fused together, then the balloon can be filled with helium later on and float around on a string. What is more, foil balloons often have colors, patterns, messages, and pop culture images printed on them during manufacture, so they are really festive and can have custom images for just about any occasion. They come in many shapes, too, depending on how they are cut. Some foil balloons are heart shaped balloon for Valentine’s Day, while others can be shaped like numbers or letters. Foil balloons are often found in grocery stores, where they are either bought in a packet, or they are already inflated and attached to a string, ready for purchase.

Decorating with Balloons

Balloons make for great decorations and gifts, such as heart shaped balloons for Valentine’s Day (foil or latex). Balloons are also fine gifts for a hospital patient to cheer them up, and many foil balloons have “get well soon” messages on them. Meanwhile, balloons are a great choice for decorating a room for a child’s birthday party, such as arranging thematic foil balloons and blowing up air filled latex balloons. Air filled balloons can be taped onto the backs of chairs or to tables or the ceiling, or even scattered on the floor to form a ball pit. And that’s not all. Pink or white balloon can make great decorations for a bridal shower or baby shower, and hundreds of air filled balloons can form decorations such as arches at a high school prom.

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