Two Keys To Getting the Right Event Tent

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Are you trying to find the right event tent? Well, this is no easy process and will take some serious work and requires attention as well. Therefore, customers need to take the time to think about a few variables for the tent buying or renting process. for instance, it is important to start with whether you want to actually buy or rent a tent.

Right now, most people will use the two most basic styles of tents for their parties and events. This includes pole tents and frame tents as well. Therefore, make sure you understand these tents and what they are best used for when trying to get a great event tent. That way, you can focus on other areas of planning your event or wedding!

Decide If You Want To Rent Or Buy An Event Tent

It is not easy to decide if you want to buy a tent or to rent a tent. However, there is one key piece of information that should help customers with their decision-making process. Take time to consider just how often this event tent will be used. If it is only going to be used about 4 times a year, then you need to rent a tent!

Also, with tents, you will have to decide on tops but there are two main types commonly used which include vinyl and polyester. This choice will be greatly based on what kind of party tent option you want and chose. For many event tent rentals, customers have no choice with the top material and what it is made of. However, most big event tents are going to be crafted with vinyl because it is affordable and durable.

Know Your Event To Decide If You Want To Rent

The Knot is a wedding media empire that helps so many couples craft great websites with event information, accommodation information, and registry information as well. Every single year, the Knot conducts a study in which they look at wedding information and data. Their 2014 study helped reveal some important facts that can determine what kind of event tent that people will want for a wedding event!

The Knot 2014 Real Wedding study revealed that the average number of wedding guests across the country is 136 people exactly. More often than not, engagement lengths will reach 14 months so that couples can have a year and change to plan out their wedding. This allows for a stress-free process that can be worked on over time rather than all at once. IT helps make getting the right event tent rentals much easier on couples.

It is also really important for customers to think about when and where they are hosting their wedding. Nearly 15% of all weddings are held in June which makes it the most popular months for couples to get married. Anyone hosting an outdoor wedding in June will definitely want to get event tent rentals for their situation. Not only is this handy in the instance of rain but it can also prevent heat from bearing down on guests.

In Conclusion

There are so many weddings that take place each and every year across the United States. The wedding plannig process takes work, dedication, focus, and requires a great attention to detail as well. Therefore, couples will hire event planners to help plan their wedding out to make sure everything goes accordingly. This inlcudes finding the right DJ, event tent, and more. So couples that are getting ready for their wedding need to take time to make sure that they have every single detailed lined up and set up!

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