The Many Benefits Of Having Art In Public Spaces

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As any art strategy partners will tell you, art is important in any and all locations. Art strategy partners know how much of an impact the right art can have, and art strategy partners will be able to help businesses and companies choose from still life to landscapes, depending on what would make the setting the most inviting and welcoming.

Art strategy partners know that art can have significant benefits of stress relief on all different types of people. Wall art for work places has been found to be beneficial in cultivating a stress free workplace, as nearly ninety five percent of all survey respondents with art in their office spaces said that having art there made their workplace considerably more welcoming. And more than sixty percent also felt like they were creatively stimulated by art in the workplace. As workplace stress is certainly anything but uncommon, the addition of workplace decorations can help to reduce that stress that is likely to always exist in some form. But art can provide considerable stress relief and can add to the productivity of a company or place of business.

In fact, enriched spaces – those that have been decorated and adorned with art in its various forms – have been shown to increase work productivity in a typical worker by nearly twenty percent. And a survey conducted even found that the inclusion of art in a workplace was effective in encouraging more idea sharing and freedom of expression, leading to new possibilities for collaborations and new ideas.

Art strategy partners are also likely to recommend that art be included in any medical facility and will particularly advocate for wall art for hospitals. Being in the hospital, for the patient and their loved ones, is often a trying time filled with uncertainty and fear. Depression is also not uncommon among terminal patients, many of whom feel that they have lost hope. Though certainly wall art in hospitals is not a cure, it can help to lessen the stress levels and feelings of despair that a patient (particularly a terminal one) and their loved ones might experience. In fact, in a study done on the Cleveland Clinic, more than half of the patients staying in hospital noted a considerable reduction in their stress levels when they looked at the works of art that the Cleveland Clinic contains, such as fine art poster, nature images, abstract pieces, and even public sculptures.

Art has also been shown to be beneficial when directed at certain patients. In one hospital, for instance, a considerable number of art prints and installations were placed throughout the neurosurgery floor. The patients of this floor had a noticeable effect when these works of art were incorporated, reporting reduced levels of stress along with stating that it made them feel that their doctors and the hospital as a whole cared on more of a personal level about the outcome of their treatment. In as few words as possible: it made them feel comfortable. The inclusion of the art pieces made them feel more at home.

As art strategy partners know, the appearance of art in public spaces has numerous beneficial effects. For one, it reduces stress, both in employees and in terminal patients in hospitals. This reduction of stress can help to lead to better outcomes – in patient treatments and in productivity in a work place. Without art installations, our world would feel bland and boring. The presence of art has been shown to lead to higher rates of creativity among the general population, leading us to create a more colorful, brighter world.

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