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Photos are an important part of the real estate business. Most of the time the first connection that a potential renter or buyer will have with a property is through pictures. This is why real estate photo editing is an essential part of a real estate agent’s outreach to their client.

Photo editing involves several steps. If a picture was taken at a peculiar angle, it will need to be corrected. The colors can be enhanced to bring out the best in the images photographed and the crispness that will show the property in its best light. The exposure will be polished and sharpened, and will be made to look flawless. Any distortions will be eliminated from the picture to make the property look like a work of art. Photo stitching is also a part of real estate photo editing, a feature where multiple images are joined together to create one wide image. Photo cropping can be done in order to remove the outer edges of a picture which will enhance the framing and the subject matter of the photograph.

Typically a good photo editing company will provide a package that will fit the needs of their clients who are real estate agents. Real estate photo editing companies will provide offers such as color correction services, photo editing services, photo retouching services, and photoshop services. Other specialized services available through real estate photo editing are white balancing, still image enhancement, object removal, sky replacement, and adding fire to fireplaces.

Many real estate agents choose to do their own photography and will purchase a good quality camera in order to get the best possible pictures of the properties they represent. However, there are still some who would prefer to have a professional photographer on hand so that they know the pictures will be top notch. Often a professional photographer will have the ability to perform any needed real estate photo editing him or herself. If not, the photographer will usually have a connection with a particular photo editing company that they will work with on a regular basis. In the United States alone there are estimated to be about 41.44 million working photographers who make an average of $18 an hour. In addition, statistics show that photographers who bring in approximately $17,770 per year are at the bottom 10% of their field, and photographers who make $66,360 per year are the top 10%.

An interesting fact is that a camera works very similarly to the human eye. The same way that the f-number of a person’s eye will go from f/8.3 in a brightly lit environment all the way down to f/2.1 in the dark, a camera will do the same, mimicking the eye exactly. The f-number of the human optical system is the ratio of the focal length of the lens to the size of the pupil.

Agents who prefer taking their own photos will find that there are any number of online photo editor sites available that will literally walk them through, step by step, the process of photo editing. These sites offer photo filters and effects, and provide how to instruction on adding text to images. They produce for the photographer clip art and picture frames, and even furnish image textures.

Agents who like the idea of going with a professional photo editing service will find that they offer an unlimited number of services and possibilities in addition to those mentioned earlier. Realtors can upload a property’s floor plan to the company along with special instructions, and will soon receive a professionally produced, flawless floor plan that will assist clients in remembering the layout of the home and how the flow will work for them. Along with clear, photo finished pictures of the home, the clients will have everything they need to help them make their final decision. And, when recommending their agent to family members and friends, they will intensify their recommendation by elaborating on the professionalism and thoroughness their agent showed throughout the process.

Floor plans can be produced in 2D black and white, 2D color, black and white or color site plans, 2D full color textured, 3D single, double, or three story, and more.

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