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When you’re looking for fun things to do, the solution is not always easy. After all, fun things to do are not always easy to come by. You could go out for dinner, but maybe you aren’t hungry. Maybe your favorite restaurant isn’t open. Maybe no one else wants to go to dinner. You could go see a movie – but maybe there is nothing good in theaters. You could read a book, but maybe you’re out of books to read and wouldn’t know which one to pick up next. Besides, maybe you’re looking to get up and moving – but the day is cloudy or cold or otherwise less than ideal for spending time in the great outdoors.

In many situations, looking for fun things to do is challenging. Oftentimes, far too often, it’s more trouble than its worth and you end up feeling more bored than you were before. Looking for fun things to do in a group of friends or close family members might seem to be an easier task, but it’s likely that this might be even harder, as different people will, after all, have differing opinions, of which many do not mesh up nicely and lead to a cohesive decision (such as is all too often in the case of fun things to do).

If you’re in such a situation, a situation where fun things to do seem few and far between, consider going to an escape room and participating in an escape room game. In recent years, escape rooms have become more commonplace, bursting onto the scene and rising quickly in popularity among people of all ages. Escape room locations have become more widespread throughout the entirety of the United States, allowing more people than ever before to participate in escape room fun. In fact, there are now more than 2,000 escape room locations (as of the year of 2018, our current year that is in its last month), up from a mere 22 escape room locations just a few short years ago, back in the year of 2014.

Escape rooms didn’t start here in the United States however, though much of their popularity has certainly developed here. On the contrary, escape rooms can be found in as many as 75 countries all throughout the entirety of the world and were first developed back in the year of 2007 (now more than ten years ago) in Japan. When escape rooms first began to spread and to rise in popularity, this rise occurred first in Japan, then other parts of the Asian continent, then countries in Europe, then Australia, and then, finally, in the country of the United States, where escape rooms have truly continued to flourish and to grow in size, scope, and public opinion.

And going to an escape room and participating in an escape room game is ideal for a number of purposes, as fun as it may be (and with fun as the first priority). Escape rooms can also be ideal for coworkers or classmates or really partners of any kind, as many people find that escape rooms provide an ideal team building experience. Team building activities are built into any escape room game – but you won’t even realize it because escape rooms are so much fun. In addition to this, you’ll need to be quick on your feet and problem solve in new and creative ways.

Therefore, escape rooms throughout this country and beyond provide a great way for mental exertion and brain building across the board, as they make you think on your feet. Escape rooms are far from passive, and can provide some physical movement as well. For someone who is feeling in a slump – especially in relation to a lack of fun things to do – having fun and getting moving can be a great way to boost your mood, as well as the moods of everyone around you, particularly those who are participating in the escape room too.

And because escape rooms are indoors, they are great for all kinds of weather, an ideal place to spend a particularly gloomy or rainy day or even one that’s particularly cold and gray.

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