Latex Balloons Are Not Just Fun, They’re Eco-Friendly Five Interesting Facts For Your Next Party

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Not all parties are crafted the same. Some are small gatherings in the comfort of your own home. Others are elaborate set-ups with hundreds of guests.

What’s one detail all of these small and large celebrations share? Colorful balloons! These are an indispensable element of any party, providing a vibrant splash of color with minimal effort. They can also make for fun gifts to take home if you’re looking to keep people talking. Give your latex balloons a little extra style for this year’s upcoming celebrations with the helpful list below.

From air filled balloons twisted into balloon animals to foil balloons for a special someone, there’s no limit to what you can do.

Believe It Or Not, Balloons Are An Old Creation

You may find yourself wondering just where balloons came from in the first place. You can thank Professor Michael Faraday for creating the very first rubber balloon all the way back in the 1800’s. He glued two sheets of rubber together for a science experiment and ended up making one of today’s most popular party ingredients! Balloons have since evolved to include several varieties, from the stretchy latex to the shiny foil variations. Which ones will make your next birthday party, office party, or get-together stand out?

Helium Isn’t Needed To Create A Fun Party

When you’re on a budget, every little bit counts. Seeking out helium can be a tiring and expensive endeavor when you already have planning, decorating, and catering to tend to. Your average 11 inch latex balloon lasts between 12 to 20 hours filled with helium, while air filled balloons can last for a few weeks at a time. Save yourself the trouble of seeking out helium by reaching out to a wholesale balloon supplier. They’ll give you more than enough to meet your needs for 2020.

Balloon Animals Are A Great Way To Show Your Creativity

What other fun methods can you use to bring out your party’s potential? Balloon animals are a thrifty and fun way to add a little fun. The most popular animals are the dachshund, snake, giraffe, elephant, and horse, though you can always come up with your own unique creatures! Grab some sharpie to draw on eyes, scales, or stripes for a toy children will want to take home. You can also use them to decorate the space and give the event a colorfully cluttered appearance.

Metalized Balloons Are A Popular Alternative For Many

Perhaps you’re thinking of how air filled balloons can show a loved one how much you care. Foil balloons are the way to go, able to last a long time and immediately eye-catching. Silver metalized balloons were first invented in the 1970’s for the New York City Ballet — they’ve since become an indispensable part of Valentine’s Day all over the country. According to a WalletHub survey in 2019, nearly 45% of respondents expect their Valentine to spend at least $50 on a gift. Wholesale balloons suppliers will have all the variety you’re looking for.

Show Off Your Eco-Friendly Side With Latex Balloons

Think that’s where the intrigue ends? When it comes to latex balloons, you even have eco-friendly benefits to look forward to. Rubber trees grow in rain forests, after all, and latex harvesting discourages deforestation. A single latex- producing tree can provide materials for up to 40 years! Keep that in mind next time you’re seeking out heart shaped latex balloons for your next Valentine’s Day dinner.

Colorful, fun, and easy to use, no party is complete without a good balloon. Let a wholesale balloon supplier give you the materials you need to create the best memory!

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