How to Throw a DIY Wedding with Help from an Event Rental Service

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It’s no secret to many people that weddings are expensive. In addition to the multi-million dollar weddings of the rich and famous, as seen in tabloids, the average cost of a wedding is high even for couples with modest incomes — around $28,000, with about half that being spent on the reception alone. Due to the high price tags on any goods and services labeled as “wedding,” many couples elect to have a Do-It-Yourself or D.I.Y. ceremony, so they can have a dream wedding without going into massive amounts of debt.

If you’re thinking of going D.I.Y. for your nuptials, you’ll need to do some serious planning in order to make your day special. Some couples choose alternative venues for their weddings in anything from the outdoors to their friends’ homes. Location is a matter of preference, though planning an outdoor wedding should be done in advance, despite whatever the weather looks like currently. And don’t forget to have a backup plan in case of rain. A backyard party is a great location, but it’s good to have a tent or another structure to use in case of unexpected weather.

No matter where you choose to get married, however, you’ll need the right supplies to keep your guests comfortable. Many event rental services provide everything from table and chair rentals to wedding tent rentals for your celebration. You can even receive linen and wedding decorations rentals to help you turn your event into a one-of-a-kind day.

In addition to using wedding decorations rentals, many couples take the time to provide their own favors and other decorations in order to have a truly one of a kind celebration. Think about what makes you and your spouse-to-be unique when choosing a theme. A wedding today doesn’t just have to be a cookie cutter affair. Many couples choose everything from superheroes to fairy tales for their wedding themes.

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