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Headstones memorialize our loved ones who have passed away and give us a monument to pay tribute to their memory. This article will be looking at the detailed craftsmanship that goes into creating a headstone.

The first step is to clean the granite headstone to remove debris and dust. A granite cleaning solution and rag are used to clear it off.

A stencil is applied next to give the headstone fabricator guidance for carving the letters. The panels with the lettering and artwork are then cut out with an Xacto knife where the stone will be frosted.

Frost is then administered to the stone in a special chamber. This is the process of lightly sandblasting the tombstone where the letters and art go to remove polish and add contrast. A filler is added where the panels were removed, and the panels with the stencils go back on.

The outlines to the letters are then removed where the stone will be sandblasted. These outlines are referred to as v-lines, and the stencil is hammered to reinforce it in place. The exposed artwork and letters are then blasted with high-pressure air. A specialized granite paint is used to fill the artwork and letters with black, and the stencil is peeled off.

The headstone is then washed with mineral spirits to remove the stencil filler and any dust. Once the headstone is dry, it is ready to go.

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