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Gift giving is nearly universal, and there’s all kinds of holidays, personal milestones, and other occasions that call for some fun gifts to one or more people. Major holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah are gift-giving staples, and good ideas for gifts during that time are broad and varied. Don’t forget Easter, which is a great time for Easter baskets or other Easter gift ideas for kids. That may include candy of all kinds, stuffed rabbits, colored eggs, and more. Meanwhile, personal milestones are a fine time for more personal and thematic gifts, such as high school or college graduation, moving into one’s first apartment or house, a marriage or wedding anniversary, Mother’s or Father’s Day, a baby shower, and more. Ideas for little gifts for young women may be a fine idea when your adult daughter moves into her first apartment or house, or maybe her college graduation or during her baby shower. Charming little gifts may brighten your daughter’s day. What might they be? A little art set, or worlds smallest vacuum? Or even tiny glass figurines?

Gift Giving in the USA

Whether giving the worlds smallest vacuum, a full size vacuum, or a stocking stuffer, gift giving in the United States is a big deal. After all, everyone likes to give gifts, and as shown above, there’s plenty of occasions that call for them. In fact, a UGiftIdeas survey done in 2015 showed that 58.79% of respondents said that giving gifts can make their relationship with someone more special and meaningful. Similarly, it was predicted that in the holiday season of 2017, some 86% of Americans would buy presents for someone, and that is often done online. E-commerce is the act of purchasing items online, usually through an online catalog, and this certainly includes gifts, too. In fact, back in 2015, e-commerce sales made up around 7.2% of all sales made in that year, and that figure is only growing. In fact, experts have predicted that global retail e-commerce sales may double between 2016 and 2020, showing just how potent this market is.

Similarly, a 2017 survey showed that around 40% of American Internet users had bought one or more items online several times each month, and 79% of American consumers reported that they had shopped online in 2017. This can include all kinds of gift ideas too, and major retailers or more specialized ones might have just the thing for a gift buyer.

Varied Gift Ideas

Just what should yo0u buy for someone? This depends on the occasion, from the worlds smallest vacuum as a fun present to mini soccer balls or picture frames. When your daughter moves into her first house or apartment, you could buy her gifts that are both charming and useful, and this may include the worlds smallest vacuum model. Not only is taht kind of funny, but a small vacuum still works, and it can be fine for vacuuming clean a keyboard or other small surface (probably not the floor, though). Other miniature gifts may be a great idea too, such as mini lamps for reading at night to tiny paint sets for making novelty art. And that’s just the miniaturized stuff. Full-scale gifts may be given too, such as a new desk chair, plug-in speakers for a smart phone, and more.

A baby shower is another customary time to give gifts, and if your daughter is expecting a child soon, you, as the mother, are a valued member of that baby shower party. Gifts for your daughter are useful for her, the upcoming baby, and the dad, too. This may range from a stroller or baby clothes all the way to a carrying tote for baby supplies to sentimental gifts such as painted wooden blocks to track the baby’s age in weeks or months. That, and the new parents might like an ink and paper set where they can make imprints of the baby’s hands and feet.

For your daughter’s wedding, gifts are usually on the more practical side, and she and her new spouse may receive items such as bath towels, tool kits, dishes and pots and pans for the kitchen, a toaster, and more. The bride and her partner may even make a list of requested gifts in a registry.

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