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Many studies are conducted every year to track the eating and drinking habits and preferences of Americans, and the numbers show that chicken is the number one protein that Americans love to eat. In fact, Americans eat more chicken every year than any other single nation, and this reflects in the many dishes and restaurants that feature this meat. Food delivery in Miami Beach, for example, may often include healthy chicken wings with natural herbs, or chicken delivery with spicy wings and dipping sauce. Latin restaurants often feature chicken too, since chicken meat has long since been a staple of Latin American cuisine (along with fish). This means that when a tourist is visiting Miami Beach, they can try the local flavors and look up “best chicken wings in miami beach” to get started. With a search like “best chicken wings in miami beach”, a person may find a number of local chicken wing caterers and restaurants, and find out what flavors each one provides. A search like “best chicken wings in miami beach” can bring up all kinds of results in a Latin-heavy region like Miami, after all, to a tourist’s culinary delight.

All About Chicken

It could be said that there is no “wrong” way to eat chicken, and Americans love to find all sorts of ways to cook and serve this popular meat. As of 2015, for a fairly recent example, the U.S. consumed some 90.1 pounds of chicken per capita, and at some point, the National Chicken Council estimated 91.8 pounds per capita for 2016. And in 2015, nearly nine billion broiler chickens were produced, which added up to 53 billion pounds liveweight. That’s a lot of chicken, and it resulted in 40 billion pounds of chicken being marketed on a ready-to-cook basis. Meanwhile, chicken ranks highly among food eaten for the Fourth of July, and the numbers show that Americans purchase around 700 million pounds of it in the week leading up to that holiday.

Often, chicken meat is bought in packages, raw and ready to be cooked for an endless variety of dishes. Often, chicken breast may be broiled or baked or even grilled, and all kinds of marination sauces or spices can be added to the meat. In other cases, chicken can be diced or shredded, and included in anything from casseroles to a burrito to a salad. Chicken meat, as mentioned above, is a major ingredient in Latin American cooking, especially authentic cuisine (as opposed to Tex-Mex, which favors beef and cheddar cheese). Authentic Latin food may have chicken and fish for its proteins, along with corn tortillas and chips, rice, white cheese, cilantro, tomatoes, and more. Upscale Latin restaurants are likely to serve food just like that, and a person visiting the Florida coast can find them with an online search.

Catering and Wings

Meanwhile, many Americans want chicken not as an ingredient, but the main course, and many chicken wing kitchens can offer just that. Many areas of the U.S. feature chicken wing kitchens and caterers, which specialize in breaded or skinned wings, and these wings may or may not have the bones inside. Chicken tenders, in particular, may be boneless and are often breaded. If a tourist wants to find the finest chicken wing caterers around, they can enter a search such as “best chicken wings in miami beach”, as mentioned above. Or, they can look for something even more specific, such as “chicken wing catering healthy ingredients” or “chicken wing caterers gluten free”, since breaded chicken may include gluten. At any rate, a chicken caterer may offer different platters with any number of chicken wings, and the flavors of breading, sauce, and spices can come in a wide variety.

A customer can visit some of these chicken wing restaurants and place an order, or they can call them and order catering instead. Many people like to get chicken wing catering for sports viewing events at home, and many people think of pizza and chicken wings as natural and delicious counterparts for such a meal, along with soda or beer, nachos, and other snack foods. Many pizza places will offer chicken wings on the side.

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