Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Native American Hunting Techniques and Dress



American indian art

It is important that we learn about our history and how we got to where we are today. One of the biggest parts of our history is that of the Native Americans. By learning about the Native Americans, we can learn the history of the United States. A great way to learn about the history of the Native Americans is learning about their daily lives. Their daily lives consisted of hunting, gathering, and religious traditions. Studying Native American weapons can help us learn about their diets and patterns.

Native Americans have been known for their hunting of duck, turkey, rabbit, and other game animals. Native American weapons were very advanced and tailored to hunting these animals. In addition to being known for Native American weapons, these people were also known for their crafting. Similarly to their Native American weapons, the native Americans crafting was intricate and required much skill. Native American crafts utilize feathers, rocks, and cloth. Native American arts and crafts are also heavy in their usage of beads to make different accessories and items. This Native American art is a big part of these peoples culture. Native American art also utilizes weaving of different colors thread and the almighty buffalo skull. Studying Native American weapons and crafts can be a great way to study their culture. Helpful info also found here: prairieedge.com

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